Friday, January 21, 2022

Ed Soares Happy Demian Maia Stepped Up To Plate

<p>Although he tends to complain about every opponent put in front of Anderson Silva and comes up with reason why the Silva camp doesn't want to fight certain people, Ed Soares, mouth piece and manager to Silva, finally seems happy about an opponent picked out for Anderson Silva:</p><p>&quot;I think it's a shame that Chael wasn't able to take the fight because I know with all that crap he was talking about Anderson this and Anderson that it would be interesting for him to put all those things he had to say into the octagon,&quot; Soares said. &quot;But then again, you've got Demian Maia here who is a guy who submitted Chael stepping up here and taking the fight on less-than-two-months' notice.</p><p>&quot;We appreciate Demian stepping up and taking the fight on such short notice, and now you've got two of the best at what they do stepping into the octagon.&quot;</p><p>Props: <a href=""></a></p>

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