Monday, January 24, 2022

Mirko Cro Cop Says Not To Under Estimate Him At UFC 110

<p>Mirko CroCop has looked less than stellar since he came to the UFC over three years ago at UFC 67 and fans have every reason to under estimate what he will do with Ben Rothwell at UFC 110, but the former top ranked heavyweight tells <a href="">Michael David Smith</a> not to under estimate him on February 21st:</p><p>&quot;Ben Rothwell is a big guy, much bigger and taller than I am,&quot; Cro Cop said. &quot;He is very tough as well. But I am ready. He is very good with ground and pound, but I am not worried about this. I am ready if it goes to the ground. But I do not think it will go to the ground. I think this will be a stand-up battle, the Fight of the Night.&quot;</p><p>&quot;I am taking one fight at a time. But I don't think anyone in the division should be underestimating me. I am not someone who should be underestimated. I have not had the results in my last fights, but I am still the man who won titles, won in PRIDE, and did what I did. It isn't clever business to underestimate me.&quot;</p>

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