Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Renzo Gracie Out To Defend Family Honor At UFC 112 Against Matt Hughes

<p>When Renzo Gracie steps in the UFC Octagon at UFC 112 it will shockingly be his debut for the company and he comes into the bout with vengenance on his mind after Matt Hughes previously beat his cousin and UFC Hall of Famer Royce at UFC 60. Renzo was on Radio and the following is a recap of his appearance:</p><p>On How He Fells At His Age: &quot;I'm feeling like a kid,&quot; Gracie said. &quot;I lost 27 pounds, and I'm back in the game. I can't wait to fight. I'll be 43 when I fight [Hughes]. My wife says instead of buying a motorcycle or a sports car, my middle-age crisis is to get back in the ring.&quot;</p><p>On Getting His Chance With The UFC: &quot;I'm very fortunate,&quot; Gracie said. &quot;I was able to set up all the goals I had before &ndash; to set-up my schools and tune-up my business so I could push my art to future generations of my family. I was able to do that, so now my business is running by itself, and I can just concentrate on myself for the first time in my life and just train to fight. I believe I'm going to surprise a lot of people.&quot;</p><p>On His Motivation: &quot;I love my cousin,&quot; Renzo said. &quot;In that fight, in particular, [Royce] came up short against Matt Hughes. He was having a life that wasn't fit for a fighter. He was working every weekend and doing seminars. He was booked for two years in a row. You can't fight under those circumstances. I hope to fight that guy. That's the guy I want to see in April &ndash; in that kind of shape. I want to test myself against the best that [Hughes] has ever been. I hope he's in good shape. I believe where Royce came up short, I'm coming up to get the flag. We are a large family, and anywhere a Gracie comes up short, someone should be there to push that thing forward.&quot;</p><p>On Fighting Matt Hughes: &quot;Matt Hughes became kind of a hero for the UFC,&quot; Gracie said. &quot;It's a guy that has like 40-something fights. To beat him, you have to really beat him. You can't go in there and have a tough fight. If you give a little margin to the referees or the judges on the side, they will pull the rope toward him. I know that already, and I'm glad I'm fighting in Abu Dhabi. That's my second home. You cant take a wrestler down,&quot; Gracie said. &quot;If you've got a Division I wrestler, I'm not taking him down. I will need the striking to take him down. If I get him out of balance by striking, I'm able to shoot, and even a Division I wrestler will end up on his butt. But if you just go in, and he's not afraid of getting hit by you, you're going to be on your back every single time. How are you going to take a guy like Matt Hughes down if you're not going to strike? That's the reality.&quot;</p>

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