Monday, January 24, 2022

Rousimar Palhares Tells Story About Buying His Mother House

Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares talks to Tatame:

In that article that we did with you six years ago, you said that you lived under the bridge. After the event Fury, you signed with the UFC and said that you would buy a house for your mother with the first money that you earned. Did that dream come true?

As the fights went by I was able to gather the money and give her a house. I thank God a lot for that.

And when does your house come? After four fights in the UFC, you still live in the housing projects…

I'm coming up with some money to buy a house for me, then I'll be alright.

But you've earned enough cash to marry and buy a car..

Absolutely, but the house for my mother was most important. I didn't buy as much as a bicycle for myself before giving my mother a house. It was a dream I had. I did that, now I'm gonna achieve the others.

You have three victories in the UFC in four
fights, and now you will face Tomasz Drwal. Do you dream about the belt every day?

It's in the hands of the UFC owners, I keep working. I want to be the world champion and I'll work hard for that.

In the beginning, people said that you were good at takedowns and on the ground, but everyone criticized your striking. Have you been working on it? Do you think it improved?

I'm working hard to improve, as much as possible. My stature makes it tough to stay toe to toe and box, I try to be explosive at the right time to get in and out.


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