Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tim Sylvia Vs. Wes Sims Moved To Saint John, NB Canada

The show must go on and thats what will happen on June 5th in Saint John, NB Canada when Tim Sylvia and Wes Sims will finally get their rematch. After being denied a license to fight in Ohio, Sims was unable to compete against Sylvia. Sylvia posted via twitter that the Ohio commission did not see Sims fit to fight Sylvia. So off to Canada:<br><br>SAINT JOHN – Harbour Station will play host to the greatest fighting talent ever assembled under one roof in Atlantic Canada this spring, says a promoter touting the marquee event.<br><br>The International Fighting Confederation's world super heavyweight title fight will be the main event of a 10-bout card coming to the Port City, tentatively scheduled for June 5.<br><br>Tim Sylvia, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion, will battle mixed martial artist Wes Sims for the IFC world title under the lights at Harbour Station.<br><br>"This is the first time we'll experience superstars of this level in Atlantic Canada," said Jack Livingston of SRO Entertainment Ltd., the event's promoter.<br><br>"It's never been done before and people can't believe it's coming."<br><br>Props: <a href=http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/sports/article/967782>Telegraph Journal</a>

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