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UFC 110 Results – February 20, 2010

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 110 event from Sydney, Australia.<BR><BR>Make sure to check out the action as it happens live here at throughout the evening!<BR><BR>Additionally, you can visit the <A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B> Forums</B></A> for alternate UFC 110 coverage with ongoing discussion from other die-hard mixed-martial arts fans.<BR><BR><BIG><B>PRELIMS:</B></BIG><BR><BR><B>Fight #1:<BR>-James Te Huna def. Igor Pokrajac</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Igor drops Te Huna early into the first round. Te Hunta is quick to recover and reverse position on the ground. Te Huna works some ground and pound before the ref restarts the fight on the feet. Igor opens up again with strikes standing. Round ends with Te Huna scoring a big takedown followed by some strikes on the ground.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Te Huna with a big slam-takedown early in the second. After a lull in the action, the ref restarts the fighters on their feet. Igor lands a solid knee. Te Huna with yet another slam. The ref stands them up again. Both guys exchanging punches now with Igor getting the better of the exchanges. Te Huna lands a few knees. Igor drops Te Huna again with punches.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> Te Huna with a good shot early to open the final frame. The fight hits the ground with Te Huna on top. Igor quickly scrambles back to his feet. Igor with a takedown. Te Huna this time is quick to get back to his feet. Te Huna drops Igor with a big bomb. Te Huna follows in with punches and the ref calls the fight.<BR><BR><B>James Te Huna def. Igor Pokrajac via TKO (strikes) at 3:26 of Round 1</B>.<BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #2:<BR>-C.B. Dollaway vs. Goran Reljic</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Goran landing some leg kicks early. Goran defends a C.B. takedown. C.B. pulls guard. Goran unleashes some punches on C.B. on the ground. The fighters work back to their feet. We have an accidental poke to the eye of C.B. that momentarily stops the fight. The fight resumes and C.B. gets a takedown. Goran is quick to get up but C.B. is just as quick in putting him back down with another takedown. The fighters scramble back up and the round ends.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> C.B. takes Goran down off a leg kick. Goran tries an armbar from the bottom but C.B. defends nicely. The fighters scramble back up and C.B. lands a high kick. Goran with a good body kick. Goran with a nice punch followed by a takedown. The fighters scramble up and are fighting against the cage now. C.B. lands a good kick. Goran lands a body shot with the hands to end the round.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> C.B. with good punches and a takedown early in the third. Goran is trying a kimura but C.B. defends. Back on the feet, Goran lands a good combo. C.B. with another takedown. Goran reverses position and lands some elbows. C.B. escapes and ends up on top of Goran on the ground. C.B. controlling the action as the round and the fight comes to an end.<BR><BR><B>C.B. Dollaway def. Goran Reljic via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.</B><BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #3:<BR>-Chris Lytle vs. Brian Foster</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Lytle swings wildly early. Foster with a big takedown. Lytle works his way back to his feet quickly. Lytle and Foster exchange huge bombs on the feet. A spinning-back kick and a head kick finds the mark for Foster. Lytle rocks Foster with a big left hook. While trying a takedown, Foster gets caught in a kneebar from Lytle. Lytle forces the tap and gets the submission victory at just under two minutes into the first round.<BR><BR><B>Chris Lytle def. Brian Foster via Submission (kneebar) at 1:41 of Round 1.</B><BR><BR><B>*IMPORTANT NOTE*</B> — Updates will be MUCH faster when the live card begins after the next fight. Stick with us!<BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #4:<BR>-Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> I'm calling Soszynski "K.S." for the sake of my sanity. K.S. starts with a flurry of punches and presses Bonnar against the cage. Bonnar pokes K.S. in the eye, but the fight isn't stopped. K.S. landing more punches as Bonnar struggles to get him down on the ground. K.S. keeps it on the feet and continues landing shots. Bonnar's nose is busted. Bonnar finally gets him down but K.S. gets up quickly. K.S. lands a huge uppercut. Bonnar's ear is bleeding now too. K.S. with another good flurry of punches. Bonnar lands a low blow as the round ends. Definitely K.S.'s round.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Bonnar comes out with more intensity this round. Both guys are exchanging big flurries of punches. Bonnar is starting to find his mark a little better this round. K.S. lands a huge shot on Bonnar's face. Bonnar with a spinning-back kick and another kick to the body. K.S. with a head kick that finds the mark. This round is probably Bonnar's.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> Bonnar tries a takedown to open the third but doesn't get it. Bonnar is cut badly. Bonnar is bleeding all over the place. The cut may have come from an accidental headbutt. The doctor checks the cut and stops the fight. K.S. gets the victory via TKO from a cut. Bonnar is complaining that the cut came from a headbutt.<BR><BR><B>Krzysztof Soszynski def. Stephan Bonnar via TKO (cut) at 1:04 of Round 3.</B><BR><BR><B>*IMPORTANT NOTE*</B> — Updates will be MUCH faster from this point forward. The live PPV is now officially underway!<!–more-break–><BIG><B>PPV FIGHTS:</B></BIG><BR><BR><B>Fight #5:<BR>-Mirko CroCop vs. Anthony Perosh</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> First round was all CroCop – literally. Several hard, straight punches saw Perosh's nose pouring blood like a faucet. CroCop attempted one high kick but didn't find the mark. CroCop did land a solid body kick, however. Definitely 10-9 for CroCop.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Another CroCop round. Perosh tried takedowns but CroCop successfully sprawled out of all of them. On top, CroCop landed a strong elbow that split Perosh open badly. Perosh was bleeding everywhere. It appeared as if they would stop it, but Perosh continued. With less than a minute remaining, CroCop landed a few big bombs on the ground. The round ends and the doctor stopped it between rounds.<BR><BR><B>Mirko CroCop def. Anthony Perosh via TKO (doctor stoppage — cut) after Round 2.</B><BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #6:<BR>-Keith Jardine vs. Ryan Bader</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Jardine comes out with quick, awkward punches. Lands a few, but nothing fantastic. Bader gets a takedown about a minute into the round. Jardine is bleeding from somewhere as there's blood dripping on the back of his head. Bader controls the action for most of the rest of the round, landing short elbows. The ref stands them up with about 30 seconds to go just as Jardine got both butterfly hooks in. The two exchange a few punches on the feet and the horn sounds. 10-9 Bader.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Bader pushes Jardine against the cage early in the second. They stay there for a while. Jardine's takedown defense is much better this round. Jardine lands a few awkward punches, nothing major. Bader finally gets a takedown at the very end of the round, but Jardine is able to pop back up immediately. I'd probably go 10-9 Jardine in that round.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> Bader with a takedown about 90 seconds into the final round but Jardine again pops up immediately. Shortly after, Bader lands an enormous punch that knocks Jardine out cold. Bader wins.<BR><BR><B>Ryan Bader def. Keith Jardine via KO (punch) at 2:10 of Round 3.</B><BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #7:<BR>-Joe Stevenson vs. George Sotiropoulos</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Stevenson tries pulling guard early. Crowd is insanely hot for this match. George is controlling the action from the top. Way too many scrambles and position changes from here to keep up with. Definitely all George that round. George gained mount a few times and had a close kimura and armbar attempt. Clearly 10-9 for George.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Crowd is going berzerk. George drops Stevenson to one knee with a punch. George lands another great punch that momentarily stuns Stevenson. Good body shot by George. Stevenson with a big slam-takedown with just under three minutes remaining in the round. George uses an ooma plata to sweep Stevenson. George is on top now. Stevenson eventually muscles his way back to his feet and both guys are clinched against the cage now. The two hit the floor again and Stevenson is on top. George is staying incredibly busy from the bottom. Crowd is going insane for this fight. Stevenson drops back out of nowhere for a leg lock but George scrambles out and is now on top. George slaps on an anaconda choke just as the horn sounds. Should be another 10-9 round for George.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> George lands some good punches on the feet before catching a Stevenson kick to take him down. George is working his top game some more on the floor. Stevenson scrambles back up and they are clinched against the cage. They break loose and George lands a few more good shots. George defends a takedown attempt by Stevenson. George is really looking great in this fight. The fight hits the floor again with Stevenson on top this time. George holding on from the bottom, nullifying the offense of Stevenson. They scramble up and Stevenson takes George back down. 20 seconds left in the final round. Crowd is going bonkers. And George holds onto Stevenson from the bottom as the horn sounds. Crowd goes ballistic.<BR><BR><B>George Sotiropoulos def. Joe Stevenson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.<BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #8:<BR>-Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Bisping looked good early, Silva late. Bisping with a takedown early and some good punches. Silva started off slow. He looks small at 185 too. Silva landed some good leg kicks late in the round and started his typical flurries. Bisping landed a real good punch late in the round as well. I'd go 10-9 Bisping for round one.<BR><BR><B>Round 2:</B> Silva catches a kick from Bisping early and swept his other leg out from underneath him. Silva is on top now hammering away. Bisping looks for an armbar but Silva powers out of it. Silva lets him up and hits a big body kick as Bisping got up. Bisping trying to pin-point his shots now. Silva lands a good punch that gets the crowd going again. Bisping with a big takedown and lands in side control with two minutes left in the round. Silva pops back to his feet quickly. Silva with a huge overhand shot that grazes Bisping. Silva punches Bisping hard enough to knock his mouth-piece out. Bisping caught it in his own hand and put it back in. That was cool. Bisping takes Silva down at the end of the round but Silva locks in a guillotine. It looked to be a fight finisher but the horn sounded. Silva stole the round with that, 10-9.<BR><BR><B>Round 3:</B> Bisping with a good hook early in the round. Silva fighting much more cautiously this entire fight than he has maybe in any fight of his career, except perhaps the first fight he had against Mirko CroCop in PRIDE. Silva lands a good punch on Bisping. Bisping goes for a leg kick but hits Silva low instead. We get a break in the action and a gut-wrenching replay of the nut-shot. Bisping with a good body kick. Silva chopping away with kicks at Bisping's legs. Silva with a good, stiff jab. Crowd chanting for Silva loudly now. Two minutes left in the round. Bisping trying takedowns but Silva keeps defending them well. Silva gets poked in the eye. He turns his back and Bisping tried to run at him like a bitch but the ref luckily stopped him in time. Replay shows it was clearly an eye-poke. Silva missing some wild overhand rights. If one of those lands, it's over. Silva flurries like a madman with ten seconds left. He drops Bisping! He follows in with more punches. Joe Rogan is confused if the round ended or the ref stopped it. It appears that the round ended.<BR><BR><B>Wanderlei Silva def. Michael Bisping via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.</B><BR><BR><!–more-break–><B>Fight #9:<BR>-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez</B><BR><BR><B>Round 1:</B> Velasquez comes out strong. He's throwing very strong leg kicks. Cain landing some very solid punches. Out of nowhere Cain lands a combo that absolutely drops Nogueira. He follows in with some insanely brutal punches on the ground to completely knock out Nogueira and finish the fight quickly and impressively. Wow.<BR><BR><B>Cain Velasquez def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via KO (punches) at 2:20 of Round 1.</B><BR><BR><A HREF="" target="_Blank"><B><BIG>DISCUSS UFC 110 IN THE MMANEWS.COM FORUMS >></B></A></BIG>

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