Monday, January 24, 2022

Brian Bowles Talks Upsetting Miguel Torres, Gaining Respect

It was one of the biggest upsets of 2009 when Brian Bowles took the bantemweight (135lbs) title from seemingly unstoppable Miguel Torres and now in the lead up to his title defense against Dominick Cruz at WEC 47, Bowles talks gaining respect following the upset over Torres as well as what it was like to defeat the then 135lb King:<br><br>"I don't exactly know what a lucky punch is. You're out there fighting. You're throwing punches, trying to hit somebody and you hit them. I don't know how that's lucky. It's kind of expected [the hesitance of people accepting him as champion], when somebody is as big of an underdog as I was, fighting a dominant champion, that's the way it works out. It's just like the lucky punch question. Would I have been better off to win by decision and have half the people say the decision should have gone to him? There's always going to be naysayers. I just have to know what happened. I have to know that I trained my butt off for that fight and I did things right… It's just like that [comparing his situation to Mike Brown's], Urijah was a dominant champion, he gets beat and now nobody knows what to do or what to say. They didn't know if he was a fluke or if he was really that good. He [Brown] beat Garcia and kept winning and then you realize, maybe he did deserve that win. So, that's what I have to do – keep winning… At this moment, all I'm focusing on is Cruz. That's easy to say, but that's what I'm doing. If it works out (Torres and I) fight again, cool. If it doesn't, whatever. All I have to do right now is worry about defending my title."<br><br>Props: <a href=>The Las Vegas Sun</a>

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