Saturday, January 22, 2022

Brian Bowles Welcomes Second Match Up With Miguel Torres

WEC Bantemweight Champion Brian Bowles talks to Pro MMA Radio about the possibility of a rematch with Miguel Torres, and how the champ sees that match up going:<br><br>"I knew that I was gonna win that night [against Miguel Torres]. I felt unbeatable going into that fight. I've never felt that good before. I was just totally calm and I was so sure that I was gonna win that I thought something was wrong because I was so confident … I rocked his world and left him thinking about me night and day. If he wins and I win, he'll get a chance to fight me again… He may think that he's a totally different fighter now, but he's still the same fighter. Things come slow when you make changes a style you've had for so long. Another fight between us would go just like it did last time."<br><br>Via:

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