Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dan Hardy Ready To Knock Out GSP At Any Time

Dan Hardy was a guest on MMAJunkie Radio this week and talked about his strategy going into his title bout with champion Georges St. Pierre at the end of March:

“It depends how eager he is to get the fight started,” Hardy told Radio (audio). “If it starts fast, he'll get knocked out fast. If he takes his time, he might get knocked out in a later round.

“It depends on him, really, and what kind of pace he wants to push.”

… “I'm getting messages from all over the world, not just from the U.K. To my surprise, I'm getting a hell of a lot of messages from Canada.

“They usually start with, 'I'm Canadian, but,' and then it goes on to explain that they like Georges St-Pierre, but they're ready for a change, and they want me to win.”

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