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Detailed UFC On Versus Results – Jones Stops Vera!

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC On Versus event from Broomfield, Colorado.

Make sure to check out the action as it happens live here at throughout the evening!

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Fight #1:
-Eric Schafer vs. Jason Brilz

Round 1: Brilz starts off strong in the first round. Both guys exchange punches until Brilz pushes Schafer against the cage from the clinch. Brilz drops down and scores a takedown but Schafer is quick to get back to his feet. Brilz landing good in-close punches and strikes as the round continues. Near the end of the round, Schafer drops Brilz with a knee-right-hand combo to steal the round.

Round 2: Brilz stuns Schafer momentarily with a good left hook. Brilz bullies Schafer into the cage now and is working some knees to the legs. Schafer turns things around with a nice punch combo, setting up a takedown. Schafer is on top of Brilz in his half guard. Brilz is working his way out of the position until Schafer sweeps him with an omaplata. Both men scramble back to their feet. Brilz lands some good punches and gets a takedown. Brilz with a guillotine choke attempt late in the round. Brilz moves to side-mount. Round ends, likely Brilz's round this time. Next and final round should decide the fight.

Round 3: Schafer looks tired here in the third round. Brilz with a nice combination with the hands. Brilz secures a takedown but Schafer quickly scrambles back up. The two scramble some more and end up back on the ground with Brilz in the top position. Brilz working some effective ground and pound now half-way through the final frame. Brilz advances to side mount and is continuing his ground and pound onslaught as the round ends. 10-9 Brilz again, should be 29-28 for Brilz across the board.

Jason Brilz def. Eric Schafer via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #2:
-Mike Pierce vs. Julio Paulino

Round 1: Pierce takes Paulino down immediately to open the first round. Pierce is in side control and working his ground and pound. Paulino regains half guard. After a lull in the action, the referee restarts the fighters standing. Pierce with a big slam-style takedown to end the round. 10-9 Pierce.

Round 2: Pierce lands a good right hook early in the second. Paulino's foot gets stuck between the cage and the canvas, stopping the action momentarily. Pierce lands a good punch followed by a big slam to get Paulino on the ground. Pierce landing good elbows from the top now. Action slows down a bit and the referee restarts the guys on their feet. Paulino lands a decent punch as the horn sounds to end the second. 10-9 Pierce. Paulino needs something big in the third round to pull this one off.

Round 3: Pierce with a big slam takedown to open the third frame. Pierce working fierce elbows and punches from the side mount position on the ground. Paulino fights his way back to his feet but Pierce quickly takes him right back down. Back on the feet, both guys exchange big punches, including a solid overhand right from Paulino. Seconds later Pierce secures yet another takedown to close out the final round.

Mike Pierce def. Julio Paulino via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #3:
Brendan Schaub vs. Chase Gormley

Round 1: Schaub lands a huge bomb just seconds into the first round that puts Gormley down. Schaub follows in with several punches on the ground to seal the deal. The referee jumps in and stops the contest at just 47 seconds.

Brendan Schaub def. Chase Gormley via TKO (punches) at 0:47 of Round 1.

Fight #4:
-John Howard vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1: Roberts gets a takedown early in the round. Howard quickly works his way back to his feet but Roberts works Howard right back down. Howard again works his way up and this time he scores a huge takedown. On the ground, Howard lands a violent punch that knocks Roberts completely unconscious. Howard follows up with some more shots to finish the job and the fight is over that quick. Roberts was out for a minute or two after the stoppage, proving how decisive the KO was for Howard.

John Howard def. Daniel Roberts via KO (punches) at 2:01 of Round 1.

Fight #5:
-Duane Ludwig vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1: Bang Ludwig hits a nice left hook that stuns Elkins early into the first round. Shortly after, Elkins takes Ludwig down and all of their weight landed awkwardly on Ludwig's leg, resulting in what appears to be a bad injury. Ludwig immediately calls for the ref for help and the fight is stopped.

Darren Elkins def. Duane Ludwig via TKO (injury stoppage) at 0:44 of Round 1.

Fight #6:
-Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Eliot Marshall

Round 1: Both guys are tenative early. This is turning into a pretty long feel-out process on the feet. Finally something of note happens as Matyushenko lands a good punch that stuns Marshall briefly. Both guys trade kicks before Marshall lands a good uppercut. Matyushenko clinches up with Marshall and pushes him into the cage. Horn sounds to end round one. Not a terribly exciting round.

Round 2: Both guys land a solid punch early into the second frame. This round has the same pace as the first round so far, which is almost no pace. Very boring fight so far and the crowd is letting them know it. Marshall tries a flying knee but gets taken down by Matyushenko in the process. Back on the feet, both guys still circling and doing a whole lot of nothing as the crowd's booing continues to pick up. Round ends with a chorus of boo's from the fans in Broomfield.

Round 3: Matyushenko comes out in the third round firing off leg kicks. Hey, at least it's something! Action is very scarce in this round as well so far. Matyushenko with a takedown but Marshall quickly gets back to his feet. The crowd is boo'ing the crap out of this fight right now. Matyushenko with another takedown to close out the round. What a boring fight.

Vladimir Matyushenko def. Eliot Marshall via Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #7:
-Clay Guida vs. Shannon Gugerty

Round 1: This is our final preliminary fight of the evening. Play-by-play results coverage will be much quicker from the next fight on. And round one begins for our final prelim between Guida and Gugerty. Guida comes in like an animal (surprise!) and tries a takedown, however Gugerty slaps on a guillotine choke. They hit the ground and Gugerty switches to a triangle choke attempt. Guida works his way out of both submission attempts and passes to half guard on top. Guida is a ball of energy and is using shoulder strikes now to improve his position. It works, as Guida now finds himself in side mount. Guida works his non-stop ground and pound like a mad-man until the round ends. 10-9 Guida.

Round 2: Guida clinches with Gugerty early in the second and throws him to the ground. Gugerty again tries a guillotine choke from the bottom but Guida works his way out. Guida is hammering away from the top position from an assortment of elbows and punches, along with the occassional shoulder strike. Guida eventually works his way to the full mount position. He hammers down a few strikes and slaps on an arm-triangle submission attempt. It looks good to me. A few seconds later Gugerty has no choice but to tap out. Impressive performance from Clay Guida in this one.

Clay Guida def. Shannon Gugerty via Submission (arm-triangle) at 3:40 of Round 2.


Fight #8:
-James Irvin vs. Alessio Sakara

Round 1: Irvin-Sakara will be our first main-TV card bout of the evening. Updates from this point forward will be much faster. Sakara's striking is looking very crisp. Irvin isn't able to get much going, as Sakara is picking his shots and really picking Irvin apart altogether. Great kicks and punch combos from Sakara. Sakara lands a strike where his knuckle got into Irvin's eye. As Irvin tucks and covers hoping for the ref to break it up, Sakara charges in and attacks until the ref finally does hault the action. Replays show that it wasn't a finger in the eye, it was just a punch to the eye. Irvin is complaining quite a bit to the ref. The officials are telling Irvin now that it wasn't a poke and that it was in fact a punch. Not sure if they're stopping this or giving Irvin a chance to continue. And the decision has been made – the fight is stopped. Sakara wins by TKO in a weird circumstance.

Alessio Sakara def. James Irvin via TKO (punch) at 3:01 of Round 1.

Fight #9:
-Cheick Kongo vs. Paul Buentello

Round 1: Buentello comes out and is looking very willing to trade. He lands some good punches and Kongo immediately shoots in for a takedown. Kongo has to work for it but eventually gets his takedown. Buentello fights his way back to his feet but Kongo again takes him down. Something happens where Buentello flips out due to something involving his finger. It seemed to be broken or something but after a brief session with the doctors, his finger is better one way or the other and the fight resumes. Both guys in a brief but wild exchange. The end result? Kongo dives at Buentello's legs for another takedown attempt. Buentello defends this one for a moment but Kongo eventually gets him down. Kongo does nothing with it though and the ref stands them back up. Buentello slips and falls down and Kongo jumps in to take advantage, landing a few punches as the round ends. 10-9 Kongo.

Round 2: The round opens with Kongo trying some kicks for a change. Nothing much lands and both guys exchange in another wild punching battle. Kongo has enough of that and takes Buentello down. Kongo is working some good ground and pound. He mixes in some elbows, but they are the same elbows Jon Jones used to get disqualified in the fight against Matt Hamil. That prompts a warning from the ref. Kongo throws an illegal knee to the face of Buentello on the ground and the fight is haulted again. This is an amazing amount of fouls and weird things happening in this show so far. Herb Dean takes a point away from Kongo for the foul. And the fight resumes. Buentello looks to exchange punches but Kongo is having none of it as he takes Buentello down again. Kongo landing some vicious knees to the body. Buentello fights back to his feet and is warned for grabbing the shorts of Kongo. Jesus. Buentello purposely puts a hand on the ground and Kongo lands an illegal knee to the face of Buentello. No point taken and the fight quickly resumes. Kongo lands a huge uppercut that seemed to momentarily hurt Buentello. Buentello starts firing back and Kongo quickly changes levels for a takedown. Kongo is on Buentello's back now landing punches to the side of his head. The action slows down and Herb Dean stands them back up. Kongo lands another solid uppercut. Buentello looks like he's starting to gas out. Round ends. 9-9 Kongo (due to the point deduction).

Round 3: Kongo with a takedown to open the final round. On the ground, Kongo is working ground and pound. Wow, this is weird. Kongo lands some elbows to the thighs of Buentello and he taps out. He just tapped out from elbows to the thighs?!

Chieck Kongo def. Paul Buentello via TKO (elbows) at 1:16 of Round 3.

Fight #10:
-Junior Dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round 1: Gonzaga gets Dos Santos down early but Dos Santos immediately popped back up to his feet. Dos Santos with a good jab. Gonzaga misses a big high kick attempt. Dos Santos going to the body of Gonzaga repeatedly with the hands. Dos Santos knocks Gonzaga down with what appeared to be a stiff jab. Maybe a short, straight punch. Either way, Dos Santos didn't waste any time jumping on Gonzaga and finishing him up with punches on the ground. When he was done with his flurry on the ground, Gonzaga was unconscious. Impressive victory for Dos Santos.

Junior Dos Santos def. Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO (punches) at 3:53 of Round 1.

Fight #11:
-Jon Jones vs. Brandon Vera

Round 1: Jones with a hip-toss takedown almost immediately, and with ease. Vera uses his legs to get some space and work his way back to his feet. Jones clinches and again takes Vera down with ease, this time sending him for a ride. While on his back, Vera throws a huge upkick that hits Jones in the face. That was an illegal kick and referee Herb Dean stops the action. Jones is holding his jaw and looks hurt. Dean takes a point away from Vera. Vera with another upkick but this time hits the shoulder. Jones hammers down some elbows and punches and the ref stops the fight.

Jon Jones def. Brandon Vera via TKO (strikes) at 3:19 of Round 1.


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