Saturday, January 29, 2022

Fedors Manager Talks Dana White, The UFC

Number one ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenkos manager, Vadim Finkelstein, recently spoke regarding the potential of Fedor signing in the UFC and their thoughts on Dana Whites attitude:<br><br>It depends on UFC. We would like to cooperate with them. Everything depends on them, their diplomacy. It would be possible if they are flexible… I don't want to compete with UFC, I want to co-operate with them. I think it could be a winning solution for everybody – for us, for them, and for MMA fans.<br><br>That's his character, [Dana White] just loves to call names. He didn't say bad things about M-1 only, there were a lot of situations where he was harsh. It makes me glad when Dana White talks about us. I respect the UFC, they've done a lot for the development of MMA, so I can pardon them such attacks. We respect him and let him grumble.<br><br>Props: <a href=>Five Knuckles</a>

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