Sunday, January 23, 2022

GSP Not Fighting To Be Champ, Fights For Legacy

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre has ran through the welterweight division and in March, will defend the title against Dan Hardy in New Jersey at UFC 111. The champ recently talked to and he told the site that he felt these days he wasn't fighting to be champ but instead, fighting to cement his legacy:<BR><BR>"It's hard to become champion. And it's even harder to stay champion. Right now, I'm the target. Everybody want to take my place. I know what it take to be champion and I don't plan to let go of my title anytime soon. I'm not fighting to be champion anymore. I'm fighting for a legacy. Even if I believe I'm a better fighter than Dan Hardy, the night of the fight, I'm going to have to fight the best fight because if I don't — it might be a bad night for me. I don't take this fight lightly. He's the most dangerous guy I've fought so far. I'm bigger, stronger, more powerful and more skilled than I've ever been. I see it like a marathon, not like a sprint. There's not one fight that will define me… it's the sum of my fights. I'm a proud champion and I want to fight the best out there. March 27 you will see the best Georges St. Pierre that ever step into the Octagon. I'm going to fight Dan Hardy like nobody has fought him before. It's easy to talk trash but harder to fight. I'm not really good at it. Fighting, it's what I'm good at."

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