Tuesday, January 25, 2022

GSP Says Hardy Is In Trouble, Best He Has Ever Been

Since Georges St. Pierre was knocked out and lost the UFC welterweight title against Matt Serra, in a bout in which he was a heavy heavy overdog, many have questioned his desire to stand and trade with fighters in the pocket, reluctant because of that night in Texas at UFC 67.

In a recent interview with TSN.ca, St. Pierre gives indications that he may have found his comfort zone again standing, if you are of course, one of the critics that felt he lost it in the first place:

“He's in trouble, I'm telling you right now. I don't know what he's doing and I don't focus on that, because these are the things that I don't control. But I know that I've never been so sharp in my life and I'm going there with my gun loaded. If I was to fight right now the Georges St-Pierre that fought Thiago Alves last time, I would beat him before the end of the fifth round. I would submit him or I would knock him out. I'm a lot better than I was back then.”

He finds himself in the same situation he did at 67, defending against a big time underdog in Dan Hardy, who at 8:1 finds himself in the same shoes Serra did, not really much to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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