Friday, January 28, 2022

Jens Pulver Has No Plans To Retire, Plans On Winning

Jens Pulver will look to snap a string of four straight losses this weekend when he takes on Javier Vasquez at WEC 47 in featherweight action and Pulver recently spoke to Michael David Smith at about the question he seems to hear a lot, on whether or not retirement is on his mind:<br><br>"No. There's just no thought in my mind that I'm going to lose this fight. I can't answer whether it's my last fight because there's no part of me that thinks I'll lose, and that's what I have going for me. The way I feel physically is I have no torn knees, no torn elbows, no serious head injuries, no broken legs — nothing like that in my entire career. So I don't need to retire, I just need to train better. I was dejected mentally the last couple years and that's why I wasn't training well, but I don't think about this being my last fight because I don't think there's anything wrong with me physically."

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