Sunday, January 23, 2022

Jens Pulver On Pat Miltech, Training At MFS, And More

Interesting interview here from Jens Pulver where he talks what was really going down at MFS back in the day and why it was a special place:<br><br><i>Snowden: "Was there something special Pat was teaching there that made the team so succesful?"<br><br>Pulver: "People always ask for Pat's secret ingredient. There wasn't no secret ingredient. That's why I made that comment about our "supposed leader." There was no one leader man. We all did it together. Jeremy Horn was the leader when it comes down to it. We all ran after that guy. We all said 'teach us coach.'" <br><br>Snowden: "What is your relationship like with Pat today? Have you fallen out with all the guys on the old team?" <br><br>Pulver: "How could I have a falling out? Fallen out with who? There is nobody. They're all gone. There was Pat, but Pat is too busy trying to make cash, making a living. He ain't coaching people. Everyone always thought Pat had a magical touch and was teaching us all these magical things. No he wasn't. No. Never. Never ever. It was a great combination of things that left. Jeremy left, Matt left, Robbie left. Matt Pena left. Everybody grew up more or less. We weren't there anymore. And that's why the great experiment is over." <br><br>Snowden: "So, there was no magical Miletich secret?"<br><br>Pulver: "If there is a key ingredient, and Pat Miletich was teaching it, then that key ingredient would still be there. Correct? The young bucks would still be coming. Correct? I wasn't trying to talk mess about Pat himself. I'm just ready to go. I'm 34 years old. How long was I supposed to stay there? I hadn't been home in 10 years. I'm tired. I want to build my own gym. I want to build my own fighters. It's my time." <br><br></i>Interview was done by <a href=>Jonathan Snowden</a>

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