Thursday, January 20, 2022

Michael Bisping Talks Dan Hardys Chances Against GSP

A fellow country man of welterweight number one contender Dan Hardy, Michael Bisping talks to Fighters Only Magazine about Hardys chances against Georges St. Pierre on March 27th at UFC 111:<br><br>"Dan's in a great position. All the pressure is on GSP for this fight. I know Dan's a consummate professional and I know from the UK scene he's come up with a great game plan to bring the UFC welterweight title back to England. I will be up late, and cheering Dan on for sure. He knows he's the underdog, but every welterweight on the planet is the underdog against GSP right now. Dan is a very good striker, he has that edge over GSP, but Dan's best weapon is his belief in himself. He won't beat himself before the fight starts. And even if GSP starts taking him down and things don't go to plan, Dan won't crumble psychologically. He's not going to out-grapple GSP, we all know that. But he's got an advantage on the feet and he's a very hurtful puncher. GSP's real talent is his MMA, mixing it up, going from wrestling to BJJ, to striking and back again as fast as anyone in the sport. GSP isn't afraid to stand with anyone. I don't agree with this theory he won't stand with Dan, but of course it is in his best interest to take this to the ground where he has the advantage."

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