Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Palhares Explains Why He Held On, Waiting For Ref

MMAJunkie.com spoke to Rousimar Palhares about being suspended for 90 days by the NJ State Commission for not letting go of a heel hook applied to Tomasz Drwal lastnight at UFC 111:

“I had no intention to hurt Tomasz,” Palhares told MMAjunkie.com through his interpreter and manager, Alex Davis. “I never have; I am not like that.

“Unfortunately, there have been cases in the past where guys have tapped and then said they hadn't tapped. This happened in a match in the UFC between my trainer, Murilo Bustamante, and Matt Lindland. Our attitude is to hold the position until the ref interrupts to avoid this happening to us again.”

“I did not think the suspension was fair,” Palhares said. “I did not have any intent of hurting Drwal. It was in the heat of battle, and I wanted to make sure I did not lose the position. I was just waiting for the ref to interrupt the match.”

“I just wanted to make 100 percent sure I had it,” Palhares said. “I have been through similar situations where I have lost positions due to oil and Vaseline that my opponents had applied to their legs.”

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