Monday, January 24, 2022

Report: UFC 115 May Be Moving From Vancouver To Calgary

Very interesting article on the possibility of UFC 115 which is set to take place in Vancouver, BC being moved to Calgary AB due to MMA not yet being regulated in British Columbia. Be sure to click HERE for much more info:

Which asks the REALLY important question, has the UFC set that WEC date with a view to moving UFC 115 to that city if Vancouver council can't get its ducks in a row?

Let's face it, the goal for the UFC isn't to come to Vancouver looking for a sold out show – they can get those any weekend in any other city they go to. They're coming to Vancouver with a view to establishing a west coast Canadian presence to go with their Montreal events, so they can push Ontario to regulate the sport in the middle.

But if Vancouver is being a pain in the ass, why not shift things a one-hour plane trip east?

A UFC 115 in Calgary would still fill with Vancouverites, they'd still sell out 12k-plus seats, they'd still do hugely on pay-per-view, and they'd claim a west coast Canadian regulatory beachhead, only without the ridiculousness surrounding the present city council process in No-Fun City.

The closeness of the Vancouver June 12 UFC date and the Calgary June 20 WEC date is surely no coincidence. The UFC won't admit it publicly, but you can rest assured that Vancouver has days – not weeks – to get their act together or our financial loss will be Alberta's gain.

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