Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rumor: Kimbo Vs. James Toney Could Headline 4/17 Show

Although it was expected that Kimbo Slice would be facing Matt Mitrione in May at UFC 113 in Montreal, rumors are now beginning to spread that Slice could possibly be stepping out of that bout and into one with former boxing champ James Toney on April 17th on Spike TV to counter Strikeforce.<Br><br>Carmichael Dave adds fuel to the rumor on the <a href=>UG</a>:<br><br><i>James Toney will make his MMA debut April 17th against Kimbo Slice at Vanderbilt Arena in Tennessee. Mike Swick will fight Matt Serra in the main event.<br><br>The fight would air on Spike TV, according to the rumor.<br><br>With the Strikeforce card happening the same night, in the same state, this constitutes the first real nuclear bomb that Dana White and Zuffa would drop on their organization, should it be true.<br><br>I had Yahoo's Kevin Iole on my radio show just a few minutes ago, and asked him about the rumor. His response: "I think you hit a home run with that one, that's what I've been hearing."<br><br></i>Take this all with a grain of salt but it has the potential to be one of the biggest cards ever aired on free TV if it is to happen.

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