Friday, January 28, 2022

Shane Carwin On Dismantling Of Frank Mir, Dan Miragliotta

Newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin discusses his dismantling of Frank Mir last night at UFC 111 and also speculates on why referee Dan Miragliotta let Mir take quite a few unanswered shots from Carwin:

“I was confident in the game plan my coaches crafted. I would never call getting in the cage with Mir “easy” and I trained for the war I was expecting. I felt I was busy and I knew I was just going to try to pin him again so (the referee break) did not affect me too much. It was really weird as Dan was quick to break up the action but he seemed to let Frank get punched longer than necessary. Maybe he is just a big Mir fan.”HT: Fox Sports

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