Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Shane Carwin Ready For War Against Frank Mir At UFC 111

Shane Carwin wrote an update about his preparation for his upcoming bout with Frank Mir among other things on the <a href=http://www.mma.tv>UG</a>:<br><br>"As most of you know my wife and I had our baby girl on the 24th. Lani was due the 11th and was induced on the 22nd and had a long labor. Alexia Carwin (Lexi) was born at 0024 on the 24th. I was back training on the 25th."<br><br> … "My boss actually got on me this week for looking half dead at work and not being on it. With the new baby, training and working I am really under a ton of pressure. This is the biggest fight of my life, the longest training camp of my life and I am trying to be a good father and husband to my wife."<br><br>"You know they say you are never given more then you could carry in life. I can say I have had days where I question that theory."<br><br>"This fight with Frank is my career balled up into 25 minutes. If I beat Frank I answer questions about who I am and what I can do in this sport. If I don't I am just another heavyweight in a sea of great fighters. I know when I wake up in the morning and I can barely walk out the door to start my morning run that I am giving it 100% of my effort."<br><br>"That is all you can control in life, giving 100%. I train and live like each fight may be my last and to move ahead I have to make a statement."<br><br>"Thank you to the supporters and fans that will tune in to watch this fight. Win or Loose I guarantee you I will be ready for a war. I have trained harder then I have before, I have sacrificed my mind and body for this opportunity and honestly I can't wait to release this built up pressure and aggression on Frank."<br><br>Follow my progress on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shane-Carwin) on twitter.com/shanecarwin or my social networking site www.shane-carwin.com.

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