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UFC 111 Results – GSP Tops Hardy, Carwin Destroys Mir

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 111 event from Newark, New Jersey!

Make sure to check out the action as it happens live here at throughout the evening! Updates will begin at approximately 7:30PM ET with the first preliminary bout. Updates will continue from there until the conclusion of the PPV card. When the live PPV televised fights begin, updates will be extremely faster and more detailed.

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Fight #1:
-Matt Riddle vs. Greg Soto

Round 1: Soto attempts a takedown early into the first round but Riddle defends nicely. Another failed Soto takedown attempt moments later lead to the two fighters ending up in the clinch. From the clinch, Riddle works in some effective knees to the body and legs of Soto. Moments later, Riddle fires a knee up north that connects and leads to a punching exchange from both guys. Right before the round ends, Riddle scores a successful takedown. 10-9 Riddle.

Round 2: Riddle scores a takedown to open the second round. Soto is working rubber guard but eventually gives it up. After both guys tried and failed at advancing/improving their positions on the ground, Soto scrambles back to his feet. That wouldn't last for long though as Riddle immediately takes him right back down. Another scramble leads to both men on their feet again where Riddle drops Soto with a punch to end the round. 10-9 Riddle. Soto needs something big in the next/final round if he wants a chance at winning this one.

Round 3: Riddle tries a takedown early but this time Soto puts up more of a fight in defending the shot. This leads to a punching exchange on the feet between both guys, where ultimately the result saw Riddle get the takedown he sought earlier. Soto again applies the rubber guard from the bottom, but while on the ground he lands an illegal kick to Riddle, who was also on the ground, which leads to a hault in the action. After the doctors come in and do their thing during the stop in action, it is determined that Riddle cannot continue and that the fight is over. Riddle wins via disqualification.

Matt Riddle def. Greg Soto via DQ (illegal kick) at 1:30 of Round 3.

Fight #2:
-Rodney Wallace vs. Jared Hamman

Round 1: Wallace scores a takedown early in the first. Both guys scramble back up to their feet but Wallace immediately stuns Hamman with a good punch followed by another takedown. A short while later, Hamman is able to get back to his feet again. Wallace is throwing wild punches now. Wallace scores yet another takedown on Hamman. Hamman again battles his way back to the standing position. This time, Hamman lands a great head kick that drops Wallace. Hamman follows in and tries to secure an armbar but Wallace avoids that. Back on the feet, Wallace scores another takedown on Hamman. And they scramble up again. Hamman lands a good punch that drops Wallace momentarily. Hamman with a takedown of his own on Wallace to end what was a crazy first round of action. Probably 10-9 Hamman, depending on your own scoring preferences.

Round 2: Wallace with a takedown on Hamman to open the second frame. Hamman is trying to secure submission holds from the bottom on the ground. Hamman sweeps Wallace and now has top position on the ground. Hamman lands some solid strikes from the top to Wallace. Hamman is unleashing even more ground and pound now, this time mixing in some vicious elbow shots as well. The round goes on in the same position, with Hamman on top of Wallace landing punches and elbows every so often. Definitely 10-9 Hamman. Great first round, good second round. Hopefully they find time for this one on the PPV or the Spike TV live prelim show. Final round coming up!

Round 3: Wallace with a takedown attempt to open the third, but this one fails and Wallace ends up on his back on the ground instead. They work their way back standing and exchange an entertaining flurry of punches before Wallace switches levels on Hamman and takes him down. Hamman is able to quickly reverse position on the ground and is now enjoying top control on Wallace. The action slows a bit, as I'm sure both guys' gas tanks are nearing empty at this point, and the referee restarts them on the feet. Wallace is able to land a few good shots before accidentally slipping and falling to the ground. Hamman takes advantage and jumps on top of Wallace, only to find himself reversed. Wallace on top now tries a kimura but Hamman is able to avoid it and regain top position. Hamman ends the round throwing punches at Wallace on the ground.

Jared Hamman def. Rodney Wallace via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #3:
-Rousimar Palhares vs. Tomasz Drwal

Round 1: Drwal slips while throwing a kick that missed. Palhares took advantage of the situation, rushed in on Drwal on the ground and secured a heel hook. Drwal taps out but Palhares kept the hold on for longer than he needed to. Long enough that the ref was using force to try and break it up after Drwal had already tapped out. Drwal remained on the mat in pain for a while after the hold was released.

Rousimar Palhares def. Tomasz Drwal via Submission (heel hook) at 0:45 of Round 1.

Fight #4:
-Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Brown

Round 1: Almeida gets Brown down on the canvas early with a takedown. Brown is back to his feet a few moments later. The remainder of the ground was Almeida trying to get Brown back on the ground, something he couldn't do. Almeida did land a bunch of good elbows to Brown's face against the cage however. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 2: Brown comes out with a flying kick attempt. Almeida takes Brown down but Brown quickly gets back to his feet. A minute into the round, Almeida got another takedown on Brown. Brown was able to again quickly get back to his feet. They remain clinched against the cage longer than the ref wanted to tolerate, so we get a restart. Almeida decks Brown with a punch. Brown was opened up badly from the punch, bleeding all over the place. Almeida gets Brown's back, with body-triangle control and eventually secures the rear naked choke for the tap out.

Ricardo Almeida def. Matt Brown via Submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 of Round 2.

Fight #5:
Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham

Round 1: Diaz scores a lot of shots using the trademark Diaz-style of striking. Diaz lands a good knee to the face of Markham, which sent Markham down on all fours. Diaz would go on to get Markham's back. He rolls him over to his stomach, flattens him out and pounds away, Hughes-Gracie style until the ref saw enough.

Nate Diaz def. Rory Markham via TKO (strikes) at 2:47 of Round 1.


Fight #6:
-Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek

Round 1: Bocek tries a takedown early. Miller defends and slaps on a guillotine choke attempt. He pulls guard to try and finish with the guillotine but Bocek easily escapes. They work back to their feet and Miller lands a decent knee to Bocek's face. Bocek with a huge takedown on Miller. Miller tries an omaplata from the bottom but Bocek avoids it. Miller uses a kimura to sweep Bocek. Bocek was grimising in the face and he motioned as if he were about to tap. He didn't though and eventually got out. Miller is on top now working some ground and pound. The round ends on that note.

Round 2: Bocek with another big takedown on Miller this time in the beginning of the round. Bocek passes from full to half guard. He advances to side mount. Miller works his full guard back. Bocek tries working towards an arm triangle but Miller avoids it. Bocek is bleeding pretty bad. Bocek has Miller's back with both hooks in and plenty of time left. Bocek switches the hooks to a body triangle. Wow. Now Bocek has one of Miller's arms completely stuck in the body triangle. Miller is hand-fighting Bocek now to avoid the rear-naked choke — with ONE hand. And it's working! He's lasted 40 seconds so far, there is 40 seconds still remaining and Miller is still stuck in a body triangle with one arm trapped in there too. Miller has a momentary burst of energy and stands up while still locked completely in a body triangle, arm included, and he slams his weight down with Bocek still on him. Bocek landed head-first too. Round ends with Miller still in that terrible position. The son of a bitch lasted for like 90 seconds in the worst possible position. He was like Heath Herring ala the Tom Erickson and Mark Kerr fights in PRIDE when the round ended and Miller got up finally.

Round 3: Miller lands a nice uppercut early in the third. That is followed up by a lengthy battle of jabs, leg-kicks and circling from both guys. Bocek breaks routine first, dropping levels for a takedown attempt. He fails and both guys are clinched up against the cage. Bocek gets a takedown a few minutes later. Miller works his way back to his feet and manages to jump on Bocek's back and get both hooks in just a second or two before the horn sounded.

Jim Miller def. Mark Bocek via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #7:
-Jon Fitch vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging with bad intentions. Initially it seemed Fitch was fine standing and trading with Saunders. He eventually used it to set up a takedown, one that he had to work at a bit to earn. Fitch has Saunders stacked up against the cage and is blasting punches every few seconds from Saunders' half guard. Saunders tries for a triangle from the bottom. He worked for it for a bit and eventually got his chance, but Fitch avoided it with ease. Fitch seems content to keep pounding away throughout this round. It's consistent, but nothing crazy. Saunders with a good up-kick to the face of Fitch from the ground that got a “oooh” from a crowd that was on the verge of booing. The round ends there. Crowd does boo then.

Round 2: First thing of note in round two is a Fitch takedown on Saunders at a minute into the round. Fitch took Saunders for a ride en route to his back laying on the octagon floor. Hopefully Fitch has better plans than round one, or this could be a three round fight where we already know how it's going to go. Hopefully the ref steps in and saves us from that happening. Crowd is boo'ing this really bad right now. With a minute left in the round the ref finally stepped in and restarted them standing. Saunders with a knee to the body, which causes Fitch to bully in for a clinch against the cage. Thankfully there's only 40 seconds left this time. Literally nothing else happened and the round ends. Crowd boo's it relentlessly. Joe Rogan trying his best to defend it. Nice try Joey.

Round 3: Fitch clinches almost immediately and pushes Saunders against the cage. They stay there for about two minutes and the ref restarts them. Loud boo's from the crowd again. Fitch clinches again and is trying to get around to Saunders back while still standing. Saunders gets some space and they seperate. Saunders slips and Fitch takes him down off the slip. Fitch is a bit more active this time, but it's still nothing amazing and it's not enough for the crowd to forgive him yet. Fitch cuts Saunders above the eye right as the round and fight ended. Crowd boo's again. Not a terribly exciting fight to say the least. Should be 30-27 across the board for Fitch.

Jon Fitch def. Ben Saunders via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #8:
-Kurt Pellegrino vs. Fabricio Camoes

Round 1: Camoes gets Pellegrino down and fires a huge bomb, somewhat Fedor-like in tenacity before jumping on Pellegrino's back. He gets the full rear naked choke in but in the process he loses his hooks. Pellegrino is able to shake him off and he hops on Camoes back! He's got the rear naked choke too but Camoes also shakes it off. Camoes tries a triangle choke from the bottom. Pellegrino escapes and Camoes quickly tries an omaplata. No dice. Camoes tries a gogoplata next and that wasn't happening either. Pellegrino is still on top, in Camoes' guard. Action is slowing down a bit now. That was a crazy first 3 or 4 minutes. Pellegrino moves to half guard and then side mount. He throws down a couple punches as the round ends. Great round.

Round 2: Pellegrino gets a takedown on Camoes about a minute into the second frame. Not a lot happens for about a minute until Pellegrino advances to full mount. Camoes is using his hands to try and improve his position. This leaves him open for some good ground and pound from Pellegrino. Camoes almost scrambles out but Pellegrino is able to keep him on the ground. Pellegrino remains on top and has Camoes against the cage. Camoes is trying to use the cage to wall-walk. He's upright for a brief moment before failing a takedown attempt on Pellegrino that results in him ending up on the bottom. Almost immediately after that Pellegrino gets his back and secures the rear naked choke. Camoes taps out. Crowd pops big for that. That was definitely a good fight. Second round was becoming more like the previous ground fights on the PPV so far – somewhat lackluster. But all that went out the window with the impressive finish. That first round was pretty crazy too.

Kurt Pellegrino def. Fabricio Camoes via Submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:20 of Round 2.

Fight #9:
-Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin (Interim Heavyweight Title)

Round 1: Carwin bullies Mir against the cage. He hits some in-close punches all the while trying to finish the takedown. Ref saw enough of that and restarted them. Mir lands some really good punch combos and Carwin bullies Mir back against the cage. Carwin hurt Mir with a punch and Mir went down. Carwin followed in like savage beast and pummeled Mir to a finish. Mir had one brief moment of hope as he had an arm of Carwin and managed to get out of the fetal position. Carwin quickly followed up and when Mir went flat on his stomach, the ref called the fight. Carwin with a very impressive stoppage and his first-round KO/TKO streak is still alive. Carwin looks out at Brock Lesnar, who is octagon-side with Dana White. That's our next UFC Heavyweight title fight.

Shane Carwin def. Frank Mir via KO (punches) at 3:48 of Round 1 to become the new UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion.

Fight #10:
Georges St-Pierre (c) vs. Dan Hardy (UFC Welterweight Title)

Round 1: GSP takes Hardy down pretty quickly and with ease. GSP passes to half guard pretty quickly. Text-book GSP so far. GSP moves to side mount. And GSP gets Hardy's back. He's working on the rear naked choke. Hardy scrambles out and back to his feet, but is taken back down immediately by GSP. GSP immediately passes to half guard. GSP quickly moves to full mount. Hardy rolls and GSP takes his back again. He's got his hooks in and is working for the rear naked choke again, but there is only 30 seconds remaining in the round. GSP switches to an armbar attempt. He completely had the armbar too and it looked like Hardy was gonna force GSP to break his arm. That didn't happen though and Hardy escaped and got back to his feet with two seconds left. The horn sounds and round one is over. The replay proves just how complete that armbar was. 10-9 GSP. Good round.

Round 2: GSP and Hardy circle for a minute before GSP takes Hardy down with ease. GSP is advancing positions like it's nothing again. He winds up committing to an armbar attempt but Hardy escaped and ended up on top in GSP's full guard. GSP wastes no time in breaking free and getting back to his feet. GSP takes Hardy back down again with ease. GSP works some ground and pound as the round ends. Another GSP round in the works. GSP is in complete control so far.

Round 3: GSP damn near dives-through Hardy in taking him down as soon as the third round begins. It looks as if Hardy got a poke in the eye on the ground. His eye is turning red and tearing up and he keeps wiping it. To his credit, the ref is standing right over them and he hasn't said a word. GSP passes to side mount. Hardy still seems to be having trouble with his eye. GSP takes Hardy's back but he's stacked up there pretty high. Hardy is trying to shake him off. GSP switches to a leg and is trying a leg submission on Hardy. He instead just uses it to avoid being shooken off Hardy's back and being stuck on the bottom, as he simply got control of Hardy's leg and took him down instead. The round ends on that note. This is all GSP so far – literally.

Round 4: GSP takes Hardy down with ease, straight out of the gate. GSP wastes no time in passing to full mount. Hardy turns and GSP takes his back. Hardy tries taking a GSP leg while GSP was getting his hooks in on Hardy's back. GSP just uses power and whips Hardy across his body to regain top position on the ground. It really seems like Hardy is being shut down at every turn. GSP passes to side mount and is dropping down elbows. GSP has a full kimura on and Hardy refuses to tap again. It's almost as if he's challening GSP to break it. GSP looks up at the ref as if to say “do I really have to break it?” GSP eventually lets it go. I guess we're going with plan B. GSP settles into side mount again and hits a few punches as the round ends. Another clear-cut GSP round. Hardy needs a KO or submission in the next round to win this fight.

Round 5: GSP teases standing with Hardy for about 20-30 seconds and then takes him down with ease again. Crowd kinda seemed to boo at that decision. What do you want the guy to do – change his thus far flawless game plan in the fifth and final round? GSP advances to side control. The Compu Strike numbers for this fight as far as ground stats are going to be insanely lopsided in GSP's favor. Maybe even a shut out. GSP with another kimura attempt. No dice. GSP is still in side mount dropping elbows. He tries the kimura again but Hardy again defends. GSP toys with the idea of an arm triangle but decides against it. GSP finishes up the final thirty seconds left in this round with some more ground and pound. The horn sounds to end what was a pretty flawless GSP performance.

Georges St-Pierre def. Dan Hardy via Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-45) after 5 Rounds to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.

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