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W-1 MMA Live Results, Complete Play By Play

Jonathan Baldock is in Montreal for W-1 MMA: Bad Blood which is taking place from the Pierre Charbbonneau Centre and features former UFC stars Jason MacDonald, Shonie Carter, Vernon White, and John Alessio in action.

Complete round by round results are underway:

Dean “The Machine” Martins Vs. Nordine “Hardknoxx” Taleb

Round 1
The fighters square off. Dean attempts to shoot and its shrugged off. THey briefly exchange, then Nordine backs Dean against the cage and lands several strikes. A brief pause and Nordine is back at it with more unanswered kicks and strikes to the head. Dean showing some apprehension at this point and Nordine's confidence rockets as he lands a solid kick to the head and then goes in for the kill with several knees to the body. Nordine takes Dean to the ground and ends up in Deans guard. Both fighters are bleeding. Dean attempts an armbar and then they break and are stood up. Nordine's striking continues, Dean returns with a kick of his own. scores this round go to Nordine 10-9.

Round 2
They start of with a few strikes each. Nordine lands a solid low kick and then a jumping kick to the head which begins a flurry against the cage. Dean is looking very tired at this point and Nordine gives him a small breather. Nordine lands a another right and then a continues on with several unanswered punches and kicks to end the fight. Nordine is declared the winner by TKO at 2:54 – referee stoppage

Josh Hill Vs. Dennis Gagne

Round 1
The fight begins with Hill taking Gagne down and immediately gaining mount, landing 30 + punches unanswered. The ref is forced to stop the fight. It doesn't get any more one sided than this. Winner Josh Hill by TKO at .43 seconds into the first round.

Jorge Britto Vs. Jonathan “JJ” Mix

Round 1
Mix lands a low kick and Britto responds with one of his own. They continue to trade, Mix showing his skill with standup and Britto not backing down. Britto catches one of Mix's kicks and goes for the takedown. Mix shrugs it off. They circle the ring with pace, Britto lands a couple of shots to Mix's head and then takes Mix down. Britto is on top and then moves to side control, looking for a submission. Britto gains the mount and quickly transitions to Mix's back. Britto then moves to a triangle choke and armbar. It's all over. Britto wins by Armbar at 4:28 of round #1.

Tom “The Bomb” Waters Vs. John “Haggis Basher” Fraser

Round 1
Fraser lands a couple of strikes to start off and then takes Waters down. Fraser sinks in the kimora and Waters twists out. Fraser goes for the guillotine and Waters spins out. Fraser takes Waters back looking for the RNC, Waters continues to defend. Fraser throws some punches to loosen Waters up and again goes for the RNC with a body triangle in place. Fraser transitions to the mount and rains down punches. Waters briefly regains top position and quickly fall into an armbar. Fraser wins a total thriller by armbar at 3:57 of round #1.

Pat “Bam Bam” Healy Vs. Sidney Silva

Round 1
Healy and Silva trade a couple of shots and then go into the clinch. Silva trips Healy and they are back up in just over a second. From the clinch they begin to trade shots Healy getting the better of it with short some short punches knees and elbows. Silva lands a solid shot of his own but Healy keeps Silva's back against the cage. Silva trips Healy, but Healy lands on top. They briefly stand then Silva takes Healy down and gains his back looking for the RNC. Silva flattens him out, then transitions to the bottom looking for the armbar. Healy defends and lands a few punches to finish the round. sees this round in favour of Healy 10-9

Round 2
Healy pushes Silva's back into the cage as each fighter looks for a dominant position. Silva reverses and then the ref separate the fighters after some inactivity. Healy goes back to work putting pressure on Silva with knees and punches. After a quick flurry Silva hits the canvas where Healy lands several unanswered punches, the fight is stopped by the ref. Winner Pat Healy at 2:33 of Round #2 by TKO.

Eddie Fyvie Vs. Antonio “Pato” Carvalho

Round #1
The fighters size each other up for the first 30 seconds. Carvalho backs up Fyvie with a few shots. They begin to circle the cage with Carvalho persuing. They trade a few shots and Fyvie has his back against the cage. Fyvie locks in the gillotine and they drop to the ground. Carvalho defends and they stand up. They clinch and then seporate. After a few punches by both fighters Fyvie pulls Carvalho to the ground and works from his back. Moving toward a triangle but never coming close enough to sink it in. The round ends with MMANEWS.COM calling this round in favour of Carvalho 10-9. But the round was very close.

Round #2
Carvalho lands a low kick. They clinch and Carvalho has his back against the cage. They jockey for position, each throwing rabbit punches. Fyvie attempts a trip and them pulls Carvalho to the ground. Fyvie looks for the triangle and Carvalho slips out to gain top control. He transitions to side control and begins to land punches from the top. Fyvie attempts to defend, Carvalho briefly gains mount then back into top control while raining down punches. Fyvie locks him up, then Carvalho back into a superior position begins to ground and pound Fyvie. The round comes to a close with a more convincing end with MMANEWS.COM giving this round to Carvalho 10-9

Round #3
Carvalho has a cut over his left eye. They stand and trade, a low kick from Carvalho lands. Carvalho is gaining confidence. Fyvie shoots and Carvalho stuffs him, pushing Fyvie's head to the ground. After a few kicks to Fyvie they stand. Fyvie again shoots to find himself on his back with Carvalho in side control. Fyvie is ever searching for a submission with nothing coming to fruition. Carvalho gets Fyvie's arm looking for the Kimora. They spin around and Fyvie takes a couple of shots for his efforts. Carvalho maintains control finishing the round with a flurry of punches from side control. The round comes to a close and we have our first decision. This round is scored by MMANEWS.COM in favour of Carvalho 10-9. The judges decision: 30-26, 29-27, 29-26 – unanimous decision for Carvalho.

Nabil “The Thrill” Khatib Vs. Shonie “Mr. International” Carter (catch weight)

Round 1
Both fighters briefly trade. Khatib catches a Carter kick and then presses Carter to the cage. They jockey for position, Khatib picks up Carter and takes him to the ground, landing in side control. Carter stands up with his back to the cage. Khatib looks for the take down, working on a single leg. Carter looks very calm. Khatib takes him down, goes for the guillotine and Carter reverses. Carter is on top and presses Khatib to the cage. They stand and Carter looks for the standing Guillotine. Khatib slips out. Back in the clinch Khatib looks for the single leg take down. A very close round, MMANEWS.COM scores it for Khatib 10-9.

Round 2
Both fighters look like they've just had a solid work out. Carter throws a couple of kicks. They exchange with a few near misses. Carter scores with a low kick and then attempts a side kick. Khatib catches it and sends Carter back. Finding their range they begin to land with more frequency with Khatib pursuing Carter. A couple of low kicks land and score for Khatib then a heavy left by Carter. Carter takes a kick to the groin and needs a breather. The Ref gives him the time. After 30 seconds they are back at it, an inside leg kick by Carter and a solid right in retaliation by Khatib. Cater lands a big kick, the crowd responds with a roar. Khatib takes Carter down then they are back up … a few seconds later Carter closes the round with a big take down of his own. Another close round, MMANEWS.COM scores it in favour of Carter 10-9.

Round 3
A touch of gloves to start round 3. Carter showing confidence begins to land with more frequency. Khatib is unfazed and continues to press the action. Khatib gets a double leg take down only to have Carter stand up 2 seconds later. Khatib looks for the single leg and eventually gets Carter down again. Carter reverses and then almost falls into an RNC. They stand. Khatib looks once again for the single leg. The Ref urges the fighters to pick up the pace. Carter finds himself with his back pressed up on the cage and is taken down. Carter stands and Khatib is back at it looking for another take down. Once again Carter goes down. Carter needs to do something big if he wants to win this round. Seconds later the fight is over. sees this round in favour of Khatib 10-9. We go to the judges decision: 29-28 Khatib, 29-28 Carter, 29-28 Khatib – Khatib wins by majority decision.

John “The Natural” Alessio Vs. Chris “The Menace” Clements

Round 1
The fighters square off as they look to find their distance. Alessio has his back against the cage and reverses. Back into the centre of the ring, they exchange. Clements swings a heavy right and Alessio comes in for the clinch. Back against the cage, they break and another brief exchange. Alessio lands a left and goes for the take down, grabs both legs and gets it. Alessio presses his forearm into Clements neck. Alessio positions himself for the Guillotine and gets it. Alessio wins by tap out due to a Guillotine choke at 4:24 of round #1.

Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald Vs. Vernon “Tiger” White (catch weight)
Round 1
The fighters meet at the centre of the ring and start to look for their distance. MacDonald shoots and gets the double leg take down, moves into side control. MacDonald tries to transition to mount and falls into full guard. MacDonald looks to pass guard and gets back into side control. MacDonald tries to limit White's movement with some softening elbows and knees to the body. Macdonald moves into the mounted position and begins to land punches with White blocking most. MacDonald moves back into side control looking for a submission. White is looking for an answer and finds a way to reverse. White is now on top in MacDonald's full guard. The round comes to a close, MMANEWS.COM sees it 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 2
MacDonald lands 2 kicks and White answers with a left. MacDonald shoots and gets a double leg takedown, in side control MacDonald works for position. With short elbows MacDonald gets White to turn and secures his back. MacDonald had a body lock and looks for the RNC. White manages to reverse and MacDonald stands back up. White gets a takedown of his own landing in side control. MacDonald tries to reverse and White keeps position. White starts to throw from the top as MacDonald looks for the Triangle. White moves into side control as MacDonald elbows from the bottom. White lands 6 solid knees from side control and the round comes to a close. A much closer round, with the late effort MMANEWS.COM sees it for White 10-9.

Round 3
MacDonald immediately shoots, they fall and White ends up on top in full guard. MacDonald uses his rubber guard to hold White from posturing up, so White throws some lefts. MacDonald sinks in the triangle and punch from the bottom. White is unable to move. Moments later White is forced to tap out. MacDonald wins by tap out due to a triangle choke at 2:12 of Round #3.

A great night of fights!


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