Friday, January 28, 2022

WEC 47: Bowles Vs. Cruz Pay Days

The following is a complete list of reported fighter salaries for WEC 47: Bowles Vs. Cruz from the OAC:<br><br>Televised Card:<br><br> Dominick Cruz ($9,000+$9,000=$18,000) def. Brian Bowles ($12,000)<br>Joseph Benavidez ($14,500+$14,500=$29,000) def. Miguel Torres ($26,000)<br>Javier Vazquez ($6,000+$6,000=$12,000) def. Jens Pulver ($14,000)<br>LC Davis ($9,000+$9,000=$18,000) def. Deividas Taurosevicius ($9,000)<br>Bart Palaszewski ($6,000+$6,000=$12,000) def. Karen Darabedyan ($4,000)<br><br>Preliminary Card:<br><br> Scott Jorgensen ($8,000+$8,000=$16,000) def. Chad George ($3,000)<br>Chad Mendes ($4,000+$4,000=$8,000) def. Erik Koch ($3,000)<br>Anthony Pettis ($3,000+$3,000=$6,000) def. Danny Castillo ($9,500)<br>Leonard Garcia ($14,000) fought George Roop ($3,000) to a split draw<br>Fredson Paixao ($2,000+$2,000=$4,000) def. Courtney Buck ($3,000)<br>Ricardo Lamas ($5,000+$5,000=$10,000) def. Bendy Casimir ($3,000)<br>

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