Tuesday, January 18, 2022

BJ Penn May Move To 170lbs With Win At UFC 112

UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn talks to MMAWeekly.com about the possibility of moving up to the 170lb division full time if he is to beat Frankie Edgar at UFC 112 this weekend:

“If everything goes well on April 10, I definitely would consider moving up to 170. Not that I'm – not that it's 100-percent guaranteed. If I do make that move I'm going to move slow. I'm not going to try to rush anything. Maybe I would think about it more as testing the waters. I'd talk to Dana and see if he would want me to vacate the belt, but maybe try do something like Anderson (Silva) is doing, test the waters, see how everything is going and see how everything plays out. I try to just be true to myself and what my own personal goals are. And if I feel in my life that I want to try to take a fight at 170 pounds, I've got to stay true to myself and to my motivation. Of course, anybody would like a free shot for the title. But like I said, I want to take my time. I want to test the waters. And it's exactly what Anderson said, we just want to put on some other great fights. That's what this whole thing is about is about, putting on the biggest and the greatest fights in history.”

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