Sunday, January 23, 2022

Carwin Hoping To Avoid Lesnar's Trash Talk, Takedowns

Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin will settle up the heavyweight title picture once and for all with reigning Champion Brock Lesnar in July and this week Carwin was on the radio to talk about Lesnar and what he hopes to avoid:

“I told everybody when Brock was getting into the UFC that he was gonna be tough. He won the National Championship around the same time I did. He's a great athlete and he's a specimen. I think one of the ways to beat Brock is on my feet and beating him with my power. Try to avoid the takedown and being underneath him. That's what he excels at is being on top of people and pounding them. That's what Brock has done best. Do I have any beefs with him? No, not at all man. I don't ever take any of this stuff on a personal level. I tell people when they get to start talking trash and stuff, quite frankly I laugh at it. They asked me at a UFC press conference why is that? I said because when I played ball on the football field, the stuff that was said out there, I said people would cry if they ever heard about how bad it is on the football field compared to the trash talk these guys talk. There's nothing compared to what was on the field.”

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