Thursday, January 27, 2022

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett Shows Up At TUF 12 Tryout In NC

Mauro Ranallo spoke to Robin Back on Hardcore Sports Radio: today on Sirius Channel 98 and Black (3-3), who was present at the TUF 12 additions in North Carolina, broke down the tryout process as well and mentioned a few names that were in attendance.

Guillaume “il Toro” DeLorenzi, Craig “Farmer” Brown (the only 205lb fighter from Canada), and one more fighter who stood out, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett.

Bennett holds a 22-16-2 record and has mainly fought on the King of the Cage circuit but has fought in bigger shows such as Pride and EliteXC. Bennett has been a fighter that has had legal problems in the past but has always had explosive hands (14 T(KO)s) and shown potential to go far but lack of a serious ground game has held him back.

It would be interesting to see a character such as “Krazy Horse” in the TUF house, that's for sure. Bennett brings the talent and potential to improve, as well as entertainment value to draw in viewers.

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