Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Dana White Wants To Go To Cowboy Stadium By The End Of The Year

According to reports from The Dallas Morning News and Sports Buisness Journal, UFC President Dana White wants to bring the UFC to Cowboy Stadium by the end of 2010. And, he wants to sell it out:

White spoke to The Dallas Morning News:

“We're definitely, 100 percent going to Cowboys Stadium, no doubt about it. We just have to figure out what fight we'll take there. I want to sell it out [and] if we price the tickets right, it should. With our sport, people will fly in from all over the world.”

and Sports Buisness Journal:

“Before I went, people were asking if I would do an event there and I said, 'No way, I've got to stay away from stadiums because I don't want to lose that UFC experience.' I went there and said, 'Holy crap, how fast can we come here?' It's that good.' I think you can do that stadium and not lose the feeling and energy. That big screen helps. I was sitting right underneath it and it was nicer looking at the screen than looking into the ring and seeing it live.”

Props to MMAMania.com for the find.

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