Thursday, January 27, 2022

Gegard Mousasi Talks Being A Champion, Wants Heavyweight Gold

He's already rocking some nice gold from previous wins such as middleweight titles in DREAM and he'll defend the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight gold this weekend against King Mo Lawal, but Gegard Mousasi has future dreams of winning a title in the heavyweight division as well:

[King Mo's] good. He's experienced — not as experienced as a fighter as I am, but experienced with wrestling. He's the opponent I've been asking for, he's a dangerous opponent and it's a good fight … I'm the champion and he's the challenger, but I think his wrestling experience is big: He's been competing for a long time. I'm not taking him lightly. I'm more experienced in MMA but I'm not thinking that I'm a better fighter than him. I'm very happy with Strikeforce. I enjoy being part of the team. I may sign with the UFC after Strikeforce but there's really no reason for me to go. I've been treated very well, both in Strikeforce and in Dream, and I'm very happy where I am … Would I fight good fighters in UFC? Yes, that would be a good challenge, but I'm not going to say I want to fight [those guys] because that's not a possibility. They're in a different organization. I'm really not thinking about fighting them. I'm only thinking about fighting King Mo … I was champion in Dream at middleweight, I'm champion in Strikeforce at light heavyweight, and my final goal is to be heavyweight champion of the world.

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