Monday, January 17, 2022

Hughes & Renzo Gracie Plan To Continue After Odd UFC 112 Fight

By MATT BOONE Staff Writer

Matt Hughes was asked at the UFC 112 post-fight press conference if he would be fighting again and if so, how much longer. Hughes said he had three fights left on his contract, but then went on a little rant about his age and recent life changes.

“I've got three more fights left on my contract. I don't know how much longer I'm going to stay fighting. I'm 36 years old. I had a lot of changes over the last five years. I still love to compete. I'm a lucky guy. When I go to the gym every day I'm super happy. I have a great crew with me and wherever I go to train. As long as I still love to compete inside the octagon and as long as I enjoy working out, I'll still be here.”

Despite the punishing loss, which saw Renzo Gracie actually ask Hughes to help him up in the final round, Gracie says he is not done in the UFC. When asked if he'll fight again in the UFC, Renzo was quick to respond. “Oh hell yeah. Hell yeah.”

His protege' Frankie Edgar just captured the Lightweight title at UFC 112, so his plans to move to 155 pounds might be scrapped, but then again at 170 pounds the champion is another student of his: Georges St-Pierre. Renzo joked in an interview with the media after the show that he may have to move up and fight at 185 or 205 where the champion isn't a Renzo Gracie student. “We got the belt at 155 [and] we got the belt at 170. I'd probably have to go up to 185 or 205,” as he stated with a giant smile on his face followed by jovial laughter.

Dana White didn't share the sentiment, as he described how old he felt Gracie looked out in the octagon in Abu Dhabi this past Saturday night. White noted in the post-fight press conference that some people get old in one fight, and that Renzo looked old out there tonight.

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