Friday, January 21, 2022

James Toney Tells Randy Couture To Sign The Contract

It's rumored that James Toney will make his UFC debut at UFC 118 against Randy Couture and now the former heavyweight boxing champ tells Couture to sign on the dotted line:

“If Randy Couture want it, he can get it! It ain't no thang to me. It ain't no thing but a chicken wing. All Randy gotta do is sign the contract and he getting knocked out too! I ain't playing with him… Everybody thinks this is a goddamn game, but this ain't no game for me! I'm going to be ready! Whatever he wants to do, we can do. If he stands up with me, he's getting knocked out and if he takes me to the ground, he's still getting knocked out. I'm busting ass every day doing my thing. Trust me, if you don't hear from me, know that I'm keeping busy. Whenever the fight happens, I'm going to be ready guns loaded”Whats everyone think will go down in this?

Props: Fight Hype

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