Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jason “Mayhem” Miller Offers Apology For Role In Brawl

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has offered an apology to the MMA world following the brawl that happened at Strikeforce, while on CBS, for his role in the melee:

I would like to formally apologize to CBS, Strikeforce, and all fans of mixed martial arts for my role in the events following the Strikeforce: Nashville event. In retrospect, my timing could not have been worse to ask for my rematch with Jake Sheilds, and I take full responsibility for entering the cage and setting off a chain of events that cast a dark shadow on the sport. I've been a fighter and a fan of MMA for over 12 years, and would never do anything to intentionally tarnish the sport I've given my life to. In the excitement of the moment I let my emotions run high and made a bad choice that resulted in a debacle, for that, I sincerely apologize.

Jason Mayhem Miller

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