Thursday, January 27, 2022

“King Mo” The Real Deal

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Strikeforce light heavyweights, be on notice. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal is the real deal. After Lawal's biggest win of his career, one that got him the Strikeforce light heavyweight championship belt Saturday night on broadcast television, the Mixed Martial Arts world is abuzz about the lopsided win over Gegard Mousasi. Coming into the fight with Lawal, Mousasi had been on a 15 fight unbeaten streak, and at times looked upstoppable at 205. Gegard's list of wins, include the likes of Renato Sobral, Mikewhitehead, Dennis Kang, and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

Everybody should have seen this coming. If you didn't, you might need to start following promotions other then the UFC. Pushing his record to a modest but respectable 7-0 with the big win over Gegard Mousasi, Lawal is gaining the momentum and exposure now that seemed to be inevitable. The toughest test to date for the 29 year old former division I wrestler, Lawal dominated Mousasi using his superior takedown skills to control Mousasi. “King Mo” predicted the nature of the win beforehand saying “I carry more power. My endurance is better. I think my pacing is better. I'm gonna give what he wants to take, and I'm gonna keep on giving.” And he did just that. He seemingly was able to take Mousasi down to the mat at will, and pace the fight as he chose, going on to win the 5 round decision in a dominant fashion.

After the huge victory, there are now rumors of Lawal taking part in the Dream Grand Prix tournament on May 30th. To make that date, Lawal will have to heal up his eye that almost was almost shut (about the only damage inflicted by Mousasi) and get cleared to fight, but with the minor state of facial damage, that is a given. When asked about his possible taking part in the event, he answered “DREAM is a great organization,” Lawal said. “I just got to make sure they pay on time.” This is in reference to news as of late about Dream not paying their fighters in a timely manner.

As he was booed by the fans after the win, the “King” replied “You all go ahead and boo me, but I

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