Thursday, January 27, 2022

MMA Blogs: Couture vs. James Toney, MMA In The Mainstream, Shields Blogs section is heating up. New blogs are now available from both professional writers and casual bloggers who visit the site as fans.

Check out new blogs today from staff writers on topics such as Randy Couture vs. James Toney, MMA in the mainstream, Jake Shields' future and more. You can also check out the latest blogs from fans such as yourself, on topics like Anderson Silva, the WEC “Aldo vs. Faber” PPV and Dan Hardy vs. GSP.

Do you have anything MMA related you need to get off your chest? Then sign-up today and begin blogging for free in the Blog section. We want to know your thoughts on all the big MMA topics, so dust off your keyboard, open up your mind and let it out!

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