Friday, January 28, 2022

Roy Nelson Talks James Toney, Struve Fight, More

Fresh off his first round knock out of Stefan Struve last night at UFC Fight Night 21 on Spike TV, Roy Nelson spoke with the media about the bout as well as a potential fight with James Toney and more:

On Fighting James Toney: “Maybe it's a sign, and that's why the lights went out. It's like James Toney: 'Lights Out.' “James Toney, it's one of those fights I'd actually like to see,” Nelson said. “I don't mind beating up on YouTube guys. I'm cool with that. But for the most part, it's not really a fight I want to see because I want to fight the best in the world. James Toney just because everybody likes to talk about James Toney. I think that would be a good pay-per-view fight.”

Did The Power Outage Change Anything?: “Mentally, it didn't change anything,” Nelson said. “If anything, you get cold pretty fast, especially with the lights off, and especially when they're like, 'Yeah, you've just got to run to the locker room barefoot,' and the cement's cold. So it's hard to get back up to a sweat. It was kind of a cold start, but at the same time, it is what it is.”

On Struve's Height: “It wasn't the height; it was actually the length

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