Sunday, January 23, 2022

Shinya Aoki Talks Loss To Melendez, Spirit Not Broken

Following his defeat at the hands of Gilbert Melendez on Saturday night, Shinya Aoki talks defeat and what his plans are next:

“It was a decisive defeat. I would like to state a word of appreciation for Mr. Scott Coker and DREAM staff who have worked hard to make this fight a reality. I would like to congratulate Gilbert Melendez for defending his title in our fight tonight. Though some may perceive this as a loss for Japanese MMA, my spirit is not broken and I plan on going back to Japan and putting forth prodigious effort so that I will be able to challenge for the title once again.”

“The difference between fighting in the cage and the ring was negligible, and Melendez was just plain good. Fighting in the cage for the first time, I felt comfortable in the new setting and had a blast. I am just grateful that I got to step into the cage.”

“Right now, I am in no position of asking for a (DREAM) rematch and I think it's best that I strive to raise the value of 'Shinya Aoki' so that Melendez can say, 'I do not mind fighting Aoki once again' on his accord. As things stand right now, I would cringe if I said, 'I want to fight him again.'”


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