Monday, January 24, 2022

Tim Sylvia Talks Upcoming Fight With Mariusz Pudzianowski

Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim Sylvia will be back in action at Moosin fights against Mariusz Pudzianowski and the big man recently spoke about his upcoming bout amongst other things, including his weight:

Tim Sylvia talks Mariusz Pudzianowski:

“I've never met anyone stronger than me before. …Can he fight with that strength? We'll see. Who can knock somebody out quicker? Me.”

His weight:

“That's my walk around weight. I walk around at 300 pounds. I still train for fights but I hate dieting, dieting sucks.”


“When I left the UFC, my plans were to go out there and beat Fedor and fight over in Japan. But none of that's happened. I didn't think the UFC could get Fedor and I believed I could beat him and obviously it didn't go the way I wanted it too.”

Frank Mir:

“I think a coach on the Ultimate Fighter would be great now with Frank Mir just because I'd love to fight Frank again.”

Prop: The Fight Nerd

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