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Where's Gina Carano?

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Where's Waldo? The real question is where's Gina Carano?

Since going MIA after her beatdown at the hands of Christiane “Cyborg” Santos for the Strikeforce womens lightweight championship in August of 2009, Carano seems to have performed a vanishing act that even David Blaine could appreciate. After the fight Gina had this to say. “I know I am a better fighter than the way I performed that night and was heartbroken to not give more to those who have been inspired,” she wrote in a prepared statement. “However, I find some relief in knowing that this has never been only about me, and now more than ever I feel freedom to learn and grow at my own pace.”

Without having any rock solid evidence of Gina's future plans or whereabouts, we can only speculate, but word has it that she has been gearing up for her role in the movie “Knockout” directed by Steven Soderbergh. Seems fitting enough. The film includes the likes of Ewan McGregor, Dennis Quaid, and Michael Douglas. Carano reportedly plays a fighter who's hired by the government to become a spy. Sounds like a C level movie to me, but we'll see.

Ryan Couture was able to provide some insight in the past couple of months by email when he wrote, “I saw Gina briefly over the holidays and it sounds like she's been working long days in preparation for her upcoming film role. It won't be until shooting wraps on that project that she'll be able to shift her focus back to fighting.”, Ryan continued. “At the time that I spoke to her she didn't have a timeframe [for her return] in mind but did mention that she missed training and was eager to get back to it.”

Hollywood came calling once Carano was thrust into the spotlight, involuntarily being assigned the role of “the face of women's MMA.” A role she never wanted, or one that she ever seemed comfortable with. Probably to the dismay of Strikeforce frontman, Scott Coker, and the rest of the promotions top brass.

As a fight fan, it was a letdown to see her training hard full time and highly motivated prior to the first loss on her record, but after, chaning her focus to her so called movie career, but to each his own. Carano is only one of several MMA fighters that have recently put fighting on hold while they pursued their movie career, including Quinton Jackson, and Cung Le.

Let's hope Gina finds the fire to continue to train and maybe get back in the cage in the later part of 2010.

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