Thursday, January 27, 2022

White: The People Who Feel Like They've Been Lied To, Too Bad.

Dana White has been catching a little heat recently for lying to fans and the media regarding what was going on inside the TUF house during filming of the eleventh season and now has come back with his retort:

“When we have a reality show where everything's a secret, you're gonna have to watch it. Guess what? You can't know and it's not you're privilege to know. And if people are upset with that too bad. It's a reality show. First of all, SPIKE paid for this show. For me to go out and release this information, it's insane you can't do it. It would be like finding out what happens on 'Survivor' after they film it. The people who feel like they've been lied to, too bad. Get over it. It's a reality show.”

Props: Yahoo

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