Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Dana White Explains Why Kimbo Slice Was Cut From The UFC

UFC President Dana White talks to Ariel Helwani about why Kimbo is being cut from the UFC:

Helwani: Just a couple more things before we let you go here. You said Kimbo Slice is done [in the UFC]. Why?

White: First of all, Kimbo took me up on the challenge. Like I said before, he could've done a lot of freakshow fights, done a lot of different things. [He] stepped up to the plate, he took the challenge, came on The Ultimate Fighter and I'm happy to have met Kimbo Slice. He's not who I thought he was. He's a good guy, he came in, he worked hard. He's done everything he could to evolve as a mixed martial artist and he won that fight. He won that fight to get him this fight…against Houston Alexander.

And he lost tonight. You know, Kimbo Slice is no different than any of the other guys who don't make the cut and end up getting cut from the UFC. He's impressed me as a human being and as a fighter, and I like him and the guys who represent him very much. I'm glad to have met Kimbo Slice.

Helwani: But there's still no denying he's a huge draw, so as a promoter you wouldn't want to put him out there one more time?

White: It's not about being a huge draw. It's about having the right to be here. Because whether you're a big draw or not, this is about the sport and about who's the best and, you know, there's other people out there who deserve to be in the UFC.

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