Monday, January 24, 2022

Fedor vs. Werdum Inked For Strikeforce. Does It Matter?

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Well fight fans, looks like we finally get to see Fedor annihilate some poor soul again soon. This time the poor soul is the dangerous grappler and always game, Fabricio Werdum, as the fighters are slated for a June 26th showdown. Just a bit anti-climatic if you ask me as Werdum has been on shaky ground as of late, trying to keep his career on the tracks.

This is the problem with Strikeforce winning the recent battle for Fedor's services. The quality of matchup we will continue to see as long as he is with the promotion is going to be about a C. Fabricio Werdum is trying to string three wins in a row together. A feat he has been unable to do since back in 2005.

M-1 brass had this to say about the last fight they co-promoted with Strikeforce on:

“When two organizations decide to work together on a project like this, it would figure that the brands of both of the companies involved in the project would be recognized equally in the project,” Finkelchtein said. “I think it's fair enough to say that everyone who saw the Nov. 7 show essentially had no idea that it was a co-promotion between M-1 and Strikeforce. It looked like a Strikeforce show. The fact that we had our logo on the mat didn't make us stand out at all from any of the other sponsors. The small logos that we had and the graphics that we had, they didn't spell out co-promotion in the way that we had expected.

“In terms of the financial side of things, we invested money into the project, and it was a considerably larger amount of money than Strikeforce. All we want going forward is what was promised to us. We don't want additional co-promotion. We don't want additional branding. We don't want additional money. We just want what was promised to us in the negotiations prior to this relationship being entered into. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, essentially, and nothing on top of what was promised.”

Do I sense the winds of change starting to blow?

Let's hope some of the rumors regarding the UFC and M-1 still having talks have even a shred of truth to them.Not for Fedor. Not for Dana White or M-1. For the fans. Fedor being with Strikeforce just isn't going to produce any of the huge fights with top heavyweights that we all want to finally see. Let's hope it doesn't end up getting done too late, as is usually the case in the world of boxing when it comes to getting the signatures on huge fights. Nobody wants to see these fights when the fighters are 10 years past their prime.

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