Friday, January 28, 2022

GSP On Koscheck: He Is The Perfect Villian

Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck will be opposing coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter and then will find each other on opposite sides of the cage in December when they meet up to decide the welterweight title and for Champion St. Pierre, he loves the idea of Koscheck be against him:

“I liked the comment that he made at the end [of UFC 113]. It was awesome. He's a perfect villain. I like him even more cause of this.”

“I like Josh Koscheck, he's awesome. It's going to build up the fight better saying bad things to each other,” St. Pierre said with a laugh.

“It's normal. He's confident coming into that fight. He's a fighter. For sure if he doesn't think he's going to win the fight, he's not going to take the fight. It's going to be up to me to prove him wrong,” said St-Pierre.

“He's a different fighter than when I fought him the first time. …”This time I don't have this element of surprise, but I'm going to have to use another element of surprise you guys might find out in the fight.”


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