Sunday, November 28, 2021

Jake Shields Wants George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva

Top welterweight and middleweight Jake Shields is at the end of his contract with Strikeforce and being one of the top fighters in the world not inside the UFC will likely make the jump in just over a month when the waiting period on the contract expires. When it does, Shields talks about what he wants next:

“I'm not 100% a free agent yet, I have another month or so before that passes.”

“We need to sit down and see what Strikeforce has to offer and what they want to do. Obviously GSP and (Anderson) Silva are guys that I want to fight.”

“I think [Shields vs. GSP] it's a great fight and it has me really excited. I'm hoping that's a fight will come together sometime soon. I think we're both tremendous wrestlers

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