Monday, December 6, 2021

Nick Diaz Talks Strikeforce Brawl, Says They Were Attacked

Nick Diaz gives his thoughts on the Strikeforce brawl that occured on CBS between Team Cesar Gracie and Jason Miller:

“I'm the last person who wants to take a punch from somebody. I don't know who was out there that wants to hit me. All I know is this guy [Jason Miller], Gilbert pushes him back and then he runs at all of us and we're fighting now.”

“You want me to be the victim here and let my boy get punched or me?”

Brother Nate Diaz also speaks on the incident:

“As far as I was concerned, we weren't jumping him [Jason Miller]. You got in my boys face and we're fighting you. You shouldn't have done that. ”

“It's not my fault his boys weren't helping him or weren't with him. He should have known better and whoever don't like it, that's their bad. What the hell would they do?”

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