Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons II Closer To Reality?

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Alright, the planets are finally on the verge of being properly aligned for the anticipated rematch of Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons.

Noons is back in the mix, signing with Strikeforce a few months ago, ending his absence dating back to 2008. Seems like a decade has gone by since the first meeting of these two, with Noons coming out on top after the fight was stopped due to cuts sustained by Diaz.

For that reason, this is one Nick would love to have the chance to avenge, and it has surely been on his mind since. Add in the fact that these two can't stand each other, and it made the loss sting that much more.

2008 was the last time Noons fought in the US after being on a steady climb in the fighter ranks, but has since regrouped and signed with Strikeforce, causing MMA fans to start thinking about the possibilities of a rematch with Diaz.

Although he has won his last 2, Noons has struggled for different reasons since their first bout. In the same time, Diaz has seemingly become sharper in all aspects of the fight game, winning his last 7 straight and 11 of his last 12. And let's be honest. Diaz deserves that win against Gomi to be on his record. He got robbed of that sick gogoplata finish, but it will still live forever in the minds of fans and millions of places on the internet.

Is Noons anxious to end the controversy about his TKO win and subsequent disappearing act?

“It would be great. I don't even know how many wins he's had. He's beat a bunch of great guys. He's beat a bunch of great names, but nobody even remembers all those. All they remember is the fight he's had with me, so I know he's itching to get back in there.

“I've always said if I'm not running every single day, I'm 185 just walking around, so 170 is not out of the question. There's some other people up there that I wouldn't mind fighting also, too, so it's definitely a possibility in the future.


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