Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pat Barry Talks Mirko Cro Cop Being One Of His Idols

Cro Cop returns to the Octagon at UFC 115 in Vancouver, BC on June 12th against Pat Barry, who talked about the former Pride GP champion being as deadly as ever:

“Cro Cop, since the beginning of my career, has been one of my top five favorite and most dangerous fighters of all time. Just the fact that I get to test myself against him, one of my idols, obviously I must be doing something right to be given this opportunity. I'm just gonna swing for the fences and see what happens. My brother and I used to sit around watching him in K-1 saying 'I hope I never have to fight this guy, ever.' He's the same Cro Cop. He's as deadly as he ever was. The only difference is, instead of him falling off, everyone else has had no choice but to get that much better.”Prop:

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