Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rampage: Rashad Was Only On TUF Because Machida Couldn't Speak English

Quinton Jackson makes in interesting remark in a new interview regarding why Rashad Evans was a coach on The Ultimate Fighter even though he had just lost the 205lb title to Lyoto Machida:

“I would have preferred to have done The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) against Machida to fix the problem back in the day, from square one, just 'X' Rashad out because he don't got the damn belt, but Machida's English is not so good so I get stuck having to fight Rashad and he's all cocky thinking he did something good because he's on The Ultimate Fighter but like dude, you just got knocked the hell out! You're on The Ultimate Fighter by default because the dude that knocked you out don't speak English bro. Don't be coming here acting like that. This is the type of thing I'm dealing with. It's just annoying actually.”

Props: Fighter's Only Mag

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