Thursday, January 27, 2022

Shane Carwin Gives Training Update For Lesnar Fight

Shane Carwin posts on the UG:

“I have been pretty busy training and getting the new camp going for the Lesnar fight.

Life is good, our baby is healthy as is Mom. On June 4th it will mark a 12 month period for being in intense training camps. I went from getting ready for Cain, to Brock, then Mir and now Brock again. I hope I can take a break after winning the “real” belt in July.

I have been doing most of my training at Grudge Training Center in Denver. It is about a 59 mile drive each way from my house but it is the home of some of the best training partners in the World. My BJJ instructor is Amal Easton from Easton BJJ and he has been nothing short of amazing. His approach to teaching BJJ and breaking it down in useful scenarios has been great for the analytical Engineer in me.

I have added a few Strength and Conditioning videos on so you can see some of the work out. Unfortunately my agent is amazing in the boardroom and not so amazing behind a camera. Tilt your head and you will be able to view the videos:)

My wrestling Coach Leister Bowling has brought in guys like Willie Parker and Ron Watterman to emulate Brock's size and strengths. Even after all of these years of wrestling and coaching wrestling I still am learning new things every day.

All in all things are great. I will finally get to face off with Brock. This has been a guy that I have wanted to face off with ever since our wrestling days. I have a ton of respect for his size, power, athleticism and the fact that he has the “real” belt.

Thanks to my family, fans and sponsors for your support. July 3rd!!!!!”

Shane Carwin

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