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UFC 113 Results – Shogun Gets Justice, Koscheck & Mitrione Win

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 113 “Machida vs. Shogun II” event from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Make sure to check out the action as it happens live here at on this page throughout the evening.

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Fight #1:
-Jason MacDonald vs. John Salter

Round 1: And we're off. Salter lands a good punch on MacDonald early. Both guys clinch and are each working to take the other man down. Ref restarts them due to lack of action. Salter takes MacDonald down off a MacDonald kick attempt. Uht oh. MacDonald suffered some kind of freak injury thing. It apparently looked pretty rough when it happened.

John Salter def. Jason MacDonald via Stoppage (knee injury) at 2:42 of Round 1.

Fight #2:
-Mike Guymon vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Round 1: Yoshida pushes Guymon against the cage early. Yoshida tried a slam-style takedown but ends up on the bottom himself. Yoshida is looking for a guillotine. He gets pretty close but Guymon pops out. Guymon with some ground and pound before working back to his feet. Guymon with a guillotine attempt of his own. Boring clinch against the cage prompts a restart from the ref. Guymon takes Yoshida down. He's throwing tons of elbows and punches. He's going for it but the round ends. 10-9 Guymon.

Round 2: Yoshida lands a body kick to open the second. Both guys exchanging strikes. Yoshida takes Guymon down with a guillotine attempt. Yoshida works his way back up. Guymon with another takedown. He gets in some strikes on the ground before Yoshida ultimately gets the fight standing again. A couple more takedowns by Guymon, including one where he got Yoshida's back. Yoshida is on top now. He mounts Guymon. Yoshida finishes the round on top. Should still be 10-9 Guymon.

Round 3: Guymon comes in with some punches and knees but Yoshida eventually takes him down. Yoshida works to get Guymon's back but Guymon reverses and ends up on top of Yoshida. Guymon landing hammer fists. Yoshida works his way back up. Yoshida is bleeding from the latest Guymon attack. Guymon finishes the round on top of Yoshida hammering away. Should be a clean 30-27 sweep across the board.

Mike Guymon def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #3:
-Joey Beltran vs. Tim Hague

Round 1: Beltran is swinging big early. Nothing much landing yet. Hague with some takedown attempts but Beltran is able to avoid. Beltran lands a good combo this time. Hague shoots for a takedown but Beltran avoids and punishes him for the attempt with strikes. He's got Hague's nose busted up and he's repeatedly hitting him with good shots on each takedown attempt Hague tries. Hague lands a good desperation shot of his own out of nowhere. Both guys slug it out a little more to end the round. 10-9 Beltran.

Round 2: Beltran comes out looking to be the aggressor again, but the aggressor ends up being Hague. Hague lands some good shots early. Beltran is now landing good shots of his own. Both guys in some wild exchanges. Beltran lands a good shot that stuns Hague momentarily. Probably 10-9 Beltran here too.

Round 3: Beltran looking for punches in the final frame. Hague gets a takedown but Beltran is quick to get back to his feet. Beltran working some good low kicks now at Hague's legs. Hague with a huge slam-style takedown on Beltran. Both guys scramble back up. Beltran working leg kicks again. Hague stuns Beltran with a nice combination with the hands. Hague quickly takes advantage of a stunned Beltran and takes him down. He's quickly got mount and is hammering away with punches. Beltran reverses, is on top now and now he is the one landing punches. Beltran makes Hague stand back up. They slug it out toe-to-toe to end the round. Good fight.

Joey Beltran def. Tim Hague via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #4:
-Johny Hendricks vs. T.J. Grant

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging but Hendricks quickly changes levels and secures a takedown. Grant works back up pretty fast. Hendricks lands a good shot on Grant. Both guys trading punches. Grant caught Hendricks with a good knee to the face as Hendricks was shooting in for a takedown. Hendricks takes a low blow. Action resumes and Grant is landing some more good shots. Hendricks gets another takedown but Grant again gets up pretty quick. Round ends with both guys exchanging on the feet.

Round 2: Grant landing some good knees to the body early. Hendricks with a big takedown. Grant, as has been the case all night, gets back up pretty fast. Hendricks landing some good shots on the feet now. Grant lands a nice high kick. Hendricks shoots in for a desperation takedown attempt after eating the head-kick. He gets the takedown and Grant scrambles back up. Round ends.

Round 3: Hendricks eats a low blow early. That's the second low blow he's had. The ref takes a point away from Grant. That is going to be huge in the scoring of the fight. Hendricks with a big ass takedown on Grant. Hendricks lets Grant back up this time. Hendricks with another takedown. He again lets Grant up. Grant lands a knee to Hendricks' face, so Hendricks again takes him down. He hammers away and the round ends. Gonna be an interesting decision.

Johny Hendricks def. T.J. Grant via Majority Decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #5:
-Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet

Round 1: Goulet with a takedown early, but both guys get back up quick. Davis rocks Goulet with a shot, dropping him to a knee. Davis locks in a guillotine and is trying to finish it. Goulet escapes. Goulet on top of Davis now and landing some good ground and pound. Goulet keeps Davis down to finish out the round.

Round 2: Davis knocks Goulet down right in the beginning of the round. Davis follows in to try and finish but Goulet works up. He's bleeding and battered now. They're trading, David lands a huge left that knocks Goulet out. Fight over.

Marcus Davis def. Jonathan Goulet via TKO (strikes) at 1:32 of Round 2.

Fight #6:
-Joe Doerksen vs. Tom Lawlor

Round 1: Not a lot of action early. Lawlor is starting to turn up the heat some now. Lawlor drops Doerksen with a good left hook. Doerksen is up quick but Lawlor rocks him again. Lawlor is landing a lot of good shots now. Doerksen is still trying, but he's definitely hurt and Lawlor is turning it on. Both guys trade to end the round. Probably 10-9 Lawlor.

Round 2: Doerksen comes out with a vengeance this round. Lawlor is starting to put his punches together again but Doerksen is competitive this time because he's not hurt. Lawlor catches a Doerksen kick, they end up on the ground with Doerksen taking Lawlor's back and choking him out. Doerksen is pretty damn insane with these comeback wins.

Joe Doerksen def. Tom Lawlor via Submission (rear naked choke) at 2:10 of Round 2.


Fight #7:
-Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1: Good back and forth first round. Cote started off good, landing some good punches and staying aggressive. Belcher came on strong in the second half of the round, scoring a lot of good kicks, mainly body kicks. They hit the floor at one point. Cote had a near kimura attempt, but ended up losing position trying to finish it. Belcher had a near arm triangle but couldn't finish it either.

Round 2: Crazy ending. Both guys were standing and trading ferociously. They were clinched against the cage and Belcher just picked up Cote in a powerbomb position and just donkey kong'd him face-first on the mat. As soon as he hit the mat Belcher immediately got Cote's back and sunk in the rear naked choke for the tap out. After the fight Cote complained about being spiked on his head, which is illegal. Joe Rogan sees the replays and says the slam he suffered wasn't against the rules. Crowd boo'd the finish.

Alan Belcher def. Patrick Cote via Submission (rear naked choke) at 3:29 of Round 2.

Fight #8:
-Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione

Round 1: AMAZING first round. Mitrione looked smoother on the feet early but Kimbo landed the first important punch. Kimbo donkey kong's Meathead twice – I'm talking enormous slams. Mitrione had two very close triangle chokes. Insanely close. Mitrione hurt Kimbo near the end of the round and almost had a gatar roll submission. 10-9 Mitrione.

Round 2: Mitrione just destroyed Kimbo in this round. Completely tore him apart in every possible way. Was brutalizing Kimbo with leg kicks to the point that Kimbo would turn his back and show clear pain in his face. He eventually knocked Kimbo down with kicks. Once on the ground, Mitrione seemed to lack the ability to finish Kimbo, but ultimately unanswered ground and pound was enough for the ref to call it.

Matt Mitrione def. Kimbo Slice via TKO (strikes) at 4:24 of Round 2.

Fight #9:
-Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1: Good first round. Looks like this is gonna be a fun fight, which is no surprise. Stephens should get the round 10-9 easy. He landed the harder shots, and more of them. Twice during the round he hurt Stout with punches, with one of those even putting Stout on the deck. Stout landed some effective strikes too, some good leg kicks and body punches. Still, not enough. Stephens hit a cool spinning back-fist at one point too.

Round 2: Slower round. Likely another round for Stephens. The story of the fight seems to be both guys landing a lot of shots, but Stephens lands the harder ones and the ones that cause opportunities in the fight. Stephens hurt Stout early in the round with some shots and followed up nice. Stout started to get back into the round more but Stephens closed the round out as well landing some good, solid shots.

Round 3: Very interesting round. Started off the same as the previous two with Stephens busting Stout up early. He busted Stout's nose with a knee to the face at one point. The round got interesting when Stout hit a kick on Stephens that changed the rest of the fight. The kick hurt so much that Stephens stopped dead in his tracks and winced in pain. Stout took full advantage and nearly finished him up. Crowd went berzerker mode for that series of action. Each guy finished strong to end the round.

Jeremy Stephens def. Sam Stout via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #10:
-Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley

Round 1: Controversial first round. Koscheck was controlling the round good. He was taking Daley down at will. While on the ground, Daley got a reversal and got to his feet. As Koscheck went to get up, while still on his knees, Daley threw a knee to Koscheck's face. Koscheck over-sold the shit out of it and the replay clearly shows it didn't even touch him. Not even a little bit. There was discussion of a point being deducted but it was confirmed between rounds that a point was not taken.

Round 2: Pretty boring round. Koscheck got Daley down early and proceeded to lay on him and do a whole lot of nothing for the majority of the round. Near the end of the round Koscheck was able to get Daley's back. He tried going for a rear naked choke but he couldn't pull it off. The round ends. Daley needs something big in the third if he wants to win this.

Round 3: Another terrible round. Crowd boo'd for most of the round. Daley tried putting some punches together early but couldn't get anything of significance going. Koscheck eventually got a takedown and spent most of the round in full mount unable to do anything with it. The final 10 seconds or so, you could visibly see Daley on the bottom yelling at Koscheck and being very frustrated. The horn sounds, as they go to get up and walk away, Daley hits Koscheck in the face with a cheap shot. The ref, Dan Mirgliota seemed to overreact a little bit in my opinion while restraining Daley. That was quite the incident. Dana White won't be happy.

Josh Koscheck def. Paul Daley via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #11:
-Lyoto Machida (c) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (UFC Light Heavyweight Title)

Round 1: Great round. Shogun was hitting Lyoto more than anyone else does the entire time. Lyoto had two takedowns but Shogun worked hard getting back to his feet fast. The finish came when Shogun hurt Lyoto with a punch. He knocked him down, Shogun jumped on Lyoto and got full mount. He pounds Lyoto 100% unconscious. Total knockout. Justice!

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua def. Lyoto Machida via KO (punches) at 3:35 of Round 1 to become the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

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