Thursday, January 27, 2022

Vitor Ribeiro Camp To Appeal Strikeforce Loss To Lyle Beerbohm has spoken to Andre Pederneiras and Alex Davis from the Vitor Ribeiro camp and it looks like they will appeal Shaolin's loss to Lyle Beerbohm this past weekend at Strikeforce:

“Man, it's the first time I see a guy spending all the fight defending himself and getting off there with a loss. There were a lot of critics, because Shaolin attacked all the time and there was a judge that gave 30 to 27 for the other guy…I think they missed his name on the paper, it's not possible. They can't do that, is absurd, it's not right. Even if I have to ask the help of a lawyer, I will change this outcome.”

You can check out the match in full on the Strikeforce website

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